Are you crazy!?!

Some of my friends think I am absolutely crazy. And thankfully they are true enough to tell it to my face. The best part is – I already know that and I am proud of the fact. I guess that makes me even more crazier.

Anyhow, my question is – who in this sane world isn’t crazy? In my opinion, all of us are little bit crazy about something or someone. Some of us, like me, are nuts about everything and everyone. Some others chose to conveniently change the definition of being crazy to avoid falling into that category. However, I would still snugly fit them into the same category. 

I have observed people being crazy about a variety of things including chocolates, drinks, soap operas, shopping, work, FB, food, love, sex, tea, coffee, motorcycles, cars, music, blogging, reading, children, health, movies, … the list is of course endless. 

In my honest opinion, I think it is good to feel over the top about some things in life. It is only then, that we defy logic, reasoning and constraints that are imposed upon us by the sane world out there. When we actually think like a nut, we can find out ways of breaking out of the shell that binds and restricts us. I would recommend everyone try it in their lives.

I know I am definitely crazy, how about you?

Who am I

Who am I

Where did I come from

Questions I asked from time to time

One day I realize

It doesn’t matter

Where I came from and where I’ve been

All that matters is where I am and what love means to me

One baby step at a time, I tread forward

A minute life in the vast dreariness of life

Soon it dissipates, gushes out into the emptiness

What is left is the body I used to call mine

Was it worth it, I ask now?

To have used a life but not lived it

Would I ever be given another chance to a new life

Would I still ask – Who am I and where I’ve been

When all that mattered was what I had chosen to be


We call our mom “Matrix”. Don’t know when and why we started calling her this, but it seems like forever. People ask us – what does Matrix mean? To me “Matrix” means a complex structure made up of many layers. It is impossible to understand the whole structure unless you understand each layer at a time. 

Out of curiosity, I also decided to search the meaning of Matrix. To my surprise I found a completely new meaning. As per, Matrix is something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes form, or develops. I thought this makes complete sense because Mom is the place where we all start from – physically, emotionally and spiritually. My Matrix to me is the pillar on which I stand, the net which will catch me when I fall, the silver lining behind each dark cloud, and the smile I look up to whenever I have tears in my eyes. 

Matrix is the source which has always provided, but never taken anything from anyone. Strong, dependable, bluntly honest, beautiful, graceful, loving are just some of the adjectives that come to my mind when I think of her. When we were children, she shielded us from the harshest storms. Yet, when the time came, she left us alone to fight our battles. She laughed with us and cried with us. I know many times when we were scared, she was equally or perhaps even more scared than us. After all, we were only scared for ourselves, but she was scared for all of us combined. 

Looking back, I wish I was bigger, more sensible, more stronger so that I could have helped her and talked to her and provided for her. I guess my wish was finally granted and as she grows older, I grow bigger, stronger, and hopefully more sensible. 

Love you Matrix, beyond what words can tell! Wish you a very happy birthday!! We will always be there for you!

Stuff only girls can get away with!

Bought a pair of ultra jazzy junk bangles at a store recently. When buying I thought my daughter will love these. Today morning, while I was searching for something to make me feel special, I found them, lying neatly in my drawer, twinkling, calling me, teasing me and daring me to wear them. And yes you guessed it, I ended them wearing them myself. And yeah, I feel 20 years younger myself.

All day long, I have been thinking – what fun it is to be a girl. There is so much we can do, some of it sane and quite a lot of it completely insane. That’s how this blog started shaping up in my mind. Here’s a list of things, mostly insane, I think only girls (aunties included) can get away with:

  • Use tears to get around difficult negotiations
  • (Derivative of the above) Talk more with our eyes than with our mouth
  • Call friends for hours to discuss recipes, outfits, discount sales, books, movies, FB status and anything under the sun which we might fancy
  • Look intelligent and innocent, naughty and graceful, strong and vulnerable; both at the same time
  • Go shopping when there is nothing to buy and still end up spending hours and thousands on stuff we never thought we needed
  • Ask for help when we are genuinely stuck (or even otherwise)
  • Cry when we see an ultra romantic or happy or sad or violent or boring movie. In essence, we are entitled to cry in any movie.
  • Know we are fat, but expect everyone else to say “wow, you have lost weight!”
I am sure there are many more unique characteristics, but I guess you get the idea by now. I am proud to be a girl (or an aunty, depends on who is asking) and would have it no other way. I also know that we are loved the way we are, and no one who truly loves us would want us to be any other way. 🙂

Would you rather have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all?

A dear friend asked me – what if the girl he loves doesn’t love him back. My response:

We love someone because we love them.

We don’t love someone because they will love us back. 

Then why do we question our love, if our love is not reciprocated.

I have quoted this from the Geeta a lot many times before, and I quote it again now “Karma kar phal ki chinta mat kar” (Do your deed without worrying about the reward). The reward for a good deed is the deed itself. When we truly love someone, the reward for our love is the love that we have within us. It is beautiful, timeless and quintessentially pure. Even if we don’t get anything in return for our love, we still have our love and no one and nothing can change that.

And then I ask – Would you rather have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all?

We are fortunate that we have experienced love, experienced the exhilaration, the freedom, the depth of love. There are so many out there who will never experience it in its true form. We have been given a gift; we should cherish it and use it as a strength.

When we are talking about love, here is my all time favorite dialog from the movie City on Angels –

“I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it!”

Me, Myself and My thoughts

Me: Do I have to work more? It is already 12 in the night.
Myself: You had such a big cup of coffee, plus there is no sleep in sight, so you better work
Me: Yeah, you are right, but what the heck – I am not even working, i am blogging
Myself: So stop blogging and get back to work
Me: Ok, Ok, just a couple of minutes more. let me finish this blog.
Myself: You are nuts
Me: Yeah, and if you kept quite, then the blog would have been over by now.
Myself: (thinking) I better not say anything more.

My Thoughts (not saying anything, just thinking) : Both me and myself are absolutely nuts!

Five reasons to be thrilled when you are sick

I seem to be down with some kind of viral infection. Don’t know which one it is yet, and honestly doesn’t matter, as long as I know it can cure itself in a day or two. 

Top 5 reasons why I am thrilled that I am sick –

  1. I can prop up my feet onto bed and just sleep for hours together
  2. My mind which seems to be on a constant race nowadays, has completely shut down. 
  3. I am floating mid air, atleast two feet above ground level; my mind drifting between clouds and stars
  4. All family and friends calling and checking on me, pampering me and asking to take care
  5. My daughter seems to be following my directions (for a big change), thinking mom is sick and needs help

It surely is so much fun to be sick! I am thinking I can actually do it more often. The only negative side effect –

  1. I had to make a great amount of effort to lift myself up and write this blog. Wish there was a mind reader, who could read my thoughts of  a blog and publish it for me. 

That makes me think, there is another reason to be thrilled when you are sick. You sometimes get these craziest ideas when you have nothing better to think about. 🙂 

Consulting Rule Book

Came across some eccentric behavior of consultants that could be put together to create the Consulting Rule Book. This is completely on a lighter note. Doesn’t mean to offend anyone in any way. So here goes –
  1. Never close your Inbox. The world will stop if you don’t respond to emails within 5 seconds.
  2. Keep your phone always busy or switched off. The longer someone has to wait to reach you, the more important you are.
  3. When you are exhausted and the most important thing you need is sleep, you call friends over for drinks.
  4. When you are busy checking Facebook and your boss walks behind, tell them you are searching for prospective clients
  5. When you are travelling non stop, never forget that you have Sulabh Toilets
  6. When you feel like throwing someone out of the window, think how in the hell will you be able to pick them up in the first place.
  7. When parents complain you don’t have time to talk to them, make a call and just keep saying hmm.. I’m taking care.. mmm.. I know.. hmm… I’m taking care.. mmm.. I know.. and so on.
  8. Never say anyone (especially the customer) is wrong. If you disagree it is just a difference of perspectives.
Feel free to add more from your experiences. Keep consulting, keep laughing!

Dear fellow bloggers, why so sad?

Dear fellow bloggers, why so sad?

Why are all the posts about anger, injustice and bad?

Life is what we make of it, life is what we choose to remember and spread

By blogging about negatives, we are not moving ahead

You have followers, therefore you have power

Use it responsibly to make a positive impact

What we consider as a bane, could be an opportunity in disguise

Not all are blessed with minds like yours; please help others in the find

We don’t need reminders on how tough life is

We need passion and belief that can spread hope and happiness

It’s nothing personal

A lot of times at work, we give honest, blunt and harsh feedback. I am sure we look like the bad boss who never ever understands. 

Lately, I have been there much more than I like. As business grows, we are all under immense pressure to grow with it. Sometimes we know what we need to do in order to grow, but sometimes we all need to be guided. Feedback is just another way of guiding. I keep telling my team, it is just feedback to help them improve and in return help the organization improve. They should not for a minute think there is anything personal about it. It is all about work and making it work together better, faster, cheaper. 

After a hard day of critical reviews and tough feedback, I would still like to unwind with the same team and laugh over silly PJs and imitations of each other. When it comes to work, it ends within the confines of work boundaries . But when it comes to personal relationships, there is no defining boundaries. 

We might chose to part ways within the work boundaries, but personal relationships will last forever.