Being a Man

I come across a couple of posts everyday on different social sites glorifying women and the hard work and sacrifices they put in towards maintaining the balance in society. Reading such posts, it almost sounds like 99% of tasks in this world are done by women and men simply have nothing left to do (except earn money and lend their sperm).

I am not sure how the men out there feel about such posts but I, being a woman, strongly object. Yes! I agree that women do a fair amount of work and Yes, our To Do lists are probably longer and more multi-dimensional than our male counterparts, but can we ever fool ourselves into thinking that men do not have the same amount or perhaps more tasks to do. All the men that I know in my family and friends (even nephews included) are equally hard working, and responsible as the women I know. Am I the only women who is blessed to be amongst such company? Obviously that cannot be the case.

I am sure there are some men who are lazy, self centered and don’t contribute a dime. But then, there are many women who are also like that. That doesn’t give us the right to brand either one of them one way or the other. I sometimes think that posts glorifying women are written by women who think we are the weaker sex and need help, protection and support to stand on our feet. On top of that we are constantly exploited, deprived and do not have any rights.

I hate such depiction of my specie and wish that women could see that we are not weaker or stronger than our male counterparts. We might be very different from our companions from Mars, but if we look at the complete package of a Man vs a Woman, we have to admit we are all equal. We compliment each other in almost every way and that is what the balance of life is all about.

Just because Men are not as vocal about challenges and stress, it doesn’t mean that they have less of it. Please let us not be an additional factor adding to their stress by constantly complaining and trying to put ourselves on a pedestal. If Women deserve respect, so do Men. 

Please comment if anyone disagrees!

Is it Time?

I have to admit I have been deeply moved by the books on Shiva Trilogy and strongly believe that Good is replaced by Evil eventually. In eradicating the Evil, the path is made for a new Good to emerge. This is the cycle of life, of nature and we as humans cannot stop it, no matter how hard we try.

The next logical question that comes to mind – Has the world today reached that state of Evil that it needs to be re-balanced? Is it time? The spate of horrifying incidents across the globe, over the last week, would leave anyone without doubt that it is indeed time. But questions like this cannot be answered in one week or even one year. 

I tried to looked at the last 150 years to find the answer. Here is what my analysis says – We invented technology to make our lives easier and bring the human race closer. It is now this technology that is creating distances in relationships and leading to diseases because of poor lifestyles. We improved farming practices to produce more. And now we all know the ill effects of commercial farming and are trying to switch to organic foods. We introduced automobiles, air conditioners and refrigerators to keep us cool. In the process, we ended up heating our entire eco-system. We introduced vaccinations and drugs to keep us healthy and now we are running around trying to find answers from the after effects of these. 

Is it time that we give up technology, health care, and other home comforts, and go back 200 years to a life which was devoid of all this? Thanks to freedom that the society offers today, it is very much possible to do it. The only questions that need to be answered – are we ready to do it? Is it time to do it now?

I know I am not ready as yet. I am one of millions out there trying to find a balance in the middle of the past and the new. It is a constant struggle to choose between options and more so explain being able to explain our choices to children, family and friends who might or might not be ready to give up an easier, faster, seemingly fun lifestyle as yet.

I only hope that mankind will find a way to re-balance the Evil without drastic measures that nature otherwise will have to  put in place on its own.


We teach all our customers to look ahead and benchmark themselves  against the best in the industry. I was in for a surprise when my 8 year old applied the same concept to plan her summer vacation. The conversation went something like this:

“I want to go to Water Park this summer. Each summer we don’t do anything exciting. This summer we have to go! All my friends abc, xyz, pqr have already gone. I am the only one who hasn’t gone.”

I am obviously not against the idea of going to a water park and the truth is that we have been to many of them over multiple summers. However, that is not what bothered me about the conversation. I know kids have this peculiar selective memory syndrome. I was somehow not comfortable applying benchmarking to personal lives because I have never liked comparing people and least of all comparing what I have vs. what they have. I am sure I could not have explained the futility of this to my daughter. My calculated response was:

“For the gifts we have received in life, let us look back and see how many out there have received none of them. There are children in the orphanage who don’t even have money to go to school, leave alone  water parks. On the other hand, for things you want to achieve in life, look ahead and see others who have achieved much more. Try and learn from them and it will help you make your dreams come true.”

This conversation taught me that it is not wrong to benchmark in personal lives. In fact, if applied right, benchmarking makes us more humble and at the same time teaches us what to do to make our dreams a reality. My only problem right now is that I am yet to find someone who I think has a better life than me! Touch Wood!! 🙂