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    Why do we Love to Hate Our Lives?

    I wonder at what stage during the human civilization, we completely accepted – 1. Hating Monday’s because we had to go back to work 2. Loving last day of exams because we could stop learning 3. Happily sending our children back to school even when we know that they hate going to school 4. Day in, day out keep doing things that we hate but have convinced ourselves we don’t have an alternative If we can’t do what we love, can we at least try and love what we are doing? If we can’t learn to love what we are doing, can we at least stop hating what we are…

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    Homeschooling Topic – Digestive System

    Yog explaining importance of digestive system : First I will drink milk. It will go in my stomach and then in my intestines. From there the energy will go in the blood. Then the blood will get the energy into my arms. Only when energy comes into my arms, can I start doing my homework. Mama, you have to learn to wait for energy to travel in the body. P.S. _ Yogs drawing of the Digestive System #homeschoolinglife #digestiveSystem

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    When Children will Learn the Same Way

    Soon, there will be a day when all Children will learn the same way When Nature kills all oranges, lemons and strawberries to only produce apples When artistes have hanged themselves and writers have been exiled When only bankers are needed to protect our money and doctors, engineers or teachers will die Oh! Don’t despair! There is still tons on hope for this day to come When all children will learn the same way When everyone will follow rules by the book When no one will question the power of a few When man kind doesn’t dream anymore When all children will learn the same way Till such time, keep…