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Why do we Love to Hate Our Lives?

I wonder at what stage during the human civilization, we completely accepted –

1. Hating Monday’s because we had to go back to work

2. Loving last day of exams because we could stop learning

3. Happily sending our children back to school even when we know that they hate going to school

4. Day in, day out keep doing things that we hate but have convinced ourselves we don’t have an alternative

If we can’t do what we love, can we at least try and love what we are doing? If we can’t learn to love what we are doing, can we at least stop hating what we are doing? Do we, really, want to live the rest of our lives hating what we do? More importantly, do we, really, want our children to live the rest of their lives loving to hate what they do?

I have been blessed with a lot in life. My attempt through this site is to share what I have received and more so, what I have learnt with those who spare a few moments to land here. I am: Mother of two angels Best friend to my husband Writer by choice Professionally Director at KINDUZ Business Consulting and Secretary at LASSIB Society Not to forget, slightly crazy by nature If you still like to follow me, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you before.

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