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    Swachh Jeevan – 5 Rules of Handling Shit in Life

    For months now, I have been paying attention to how shit works. (One tends to do that, when one receives a lot of it in a short span of time) After careful observation and analysis. I have created these Rules/Reminders to better manage the shit coming my way. Rule No 1 – All normal, healthy humans carry shit in their gut most part of the day and night. So if you are feeling full of shit,  you have reason to celebrate! After all, it is a sign that your are perfectly healthy. Rule No 2 – Shit has to come out sooner or later – No one can store shit…

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    Story of My Life

    I am working on the presentation for tomorrow, but somehow my mind is not able to concentrate. I open the thick black cover of my phone to check for any missed calls or messages. Nothing there! I chide myself. I just checked my phone status 5 minutes back. If there is any change in status, I will hear it. I don’t need to check again on the same. I should concentrate on the presentation. I need to finish it today. A few minutes later the door bell rings. My blood races causing my heart to jump. Yes! Finally! I rush to the door and open it. “Shilpa Roy?”, the man outside nonchalantly asks.…