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    Tough Times or Opportuntiy in Plainsight

    Parents are constantly planning for what skills to introduce to their children for the future. Since the last Industrial Revolution focus has been on the STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Lately, parents have become more liberal and willing to accept Arts, Literature, or even Sports as the chosen career for their child. As long as the child is passionate about the stream, parents are willing to go full steam on supporting the child. Once a chosen career is decided, children are coached on how to focus, cut out distractions and leave out all room for self-doubt. Go all out and make it work. This is the good news.…

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    Whose Side are You?

    We are all looking to blame someone for everything wrong happening in the world today – blame Muslims for terrorism, blame Hindus for rapes, blame Modi for economy, blame Congress for corruption, blame Trump for IT slump, blame blame blame… It is so easy to generalize segments, brand them and blame them. It gives us a false sense of security. It makes us think the problem is not with us but with someone else. If we want to solve the problem, first step is to stop segmenting ourselves into brands. There should only be two sides – human and inhuman. It is time to really choose.

  • Yog

    I will miss you!

    Yog: Mama, please don’t go to office Mama: I have to go to office today. I have a meeting in office. Yog: I will also come to office with you. I will also sit in meeting. Mama: Yes Yog! When you grow big, you will go to office and meetings. Then, Mama will not go to office. I will stay at home. As soon as these words are out of my mouth, I feel a sharp pull at my heart. I realize that as Yog and Toyna grow big, our roles will be reversed. I will be at home, waiting for both of them to call me or come and meet me. But…

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    Do you Own your Spouse?

    ” Do you own your spouse?” Rather, “Did you buy your spouse in the open market through bidding, betting or negotiating?” Well, in case you did buy your spouse, then you have every right in the world to own them. You have every right to dictate what they wear; what they eat; how much they sleep and how much they are supposed to earn. No questions asked! You sure must’ve paid a hefty price to own them, so you have every right, now, to control their lives. Needless to say, I pity those spouses who sold their pride, dreams and individual entity to be, from this day forward, called the spouse of  XXX.…

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    Choices of Death

    Scene 1 Prithvi lay still on the floor. His body was stone cold and draped in white. His six year old daughter, Santoshi, stood at his feet, trying to make out the expression on his face. Was Dad happy or was he sad at leaving her? She stared hard for a while and then bent down to touch his feet. This was her last memory of her dad. Santoshi spent the next 25 years of her life blaming her dad for leaving her when he did. Ever since that day when she touched her father the last time, life had lost all hope for Santoshi. School was full of ominous strangers and home was…