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    I was once a Star

    When I was perhaps in 4th grade, my school organised a play as part of our Annual Day celebrations. The play was called, “I have a Dream”. Roughly 50 children participated in the play, most of them dressed like trees, flowers or butterflies creating the colorful background for the main story. Three days before the Annual Day, our class teacher called all the class out for rehearsals. Everyone left for their respective rehearsal. I was left alone in the class. I had no rehearsal to go to. I had not been picked for any role or any chore as part of the Annual Day celebrations. My teacher was baffled. How…

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    Swachh Jeevan – 5 Rules of Handling Shit in Life

    For months now, I have been paying attention to how shit works. (One tends to do that, when one receives a lot of it in a short span of time) After careful observation and analysis. I have created these Rules/Reminders to better manage the shit coming my way. Rule No 1 – All normal, healthy humans carry shit in their gut most part of the day and night. So if you are feeling full of shit,  you have reason to celebrate! After all, it is a sign that your are perfectly healthy. Rule No 2 – Shit has to come out sooner or later – No one can store shit…

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