• Thoughts and Quotes

    Mind before Heart

    One rotten apple on a tree does not mean all apples are rotten One bad father does not mean all fathers are bad One bad Guru does not mean all Gurus are bad Don’t eat an apple with your eyes closed Don’t accept exploitation even from your own father Don’t follow a Guru leaving aside your own logic

  • Yog

    Helmet Keeps Us Safe

    Yog has been riding a pink, baby, Disney cycle over the last year. Neither the pink color, nor the Disney Princesses bothered him or his friends, even for a moment. At one point of time, the pink cycle used to proudly carry three young boys on it’s miniature wheels. As Yog enters another year, and the wheels of the cycle start to wear, I finally decided it was time to retire the pink cycle and move to a new one. The new cycle is bigger, bolder and blue in color with shining silver balances on the side. It looked just right for Yog but I was worried that he might hurt…