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    Do you Own your Spouse?

    ” Do you own your spouse?” Rather, “Did you buy your spouse in the open market through bidding, betting or negotiating?” Well, in case you did buy your spouse, then you have every right in the world to own them. You have every right to dictate what they wear; what they eat; how much they sleep and how much they are supposed to earn. No questions asked! You sure must’ve paid a hefty price to own them, so you have every right, now, to control their lives. Needless to say, I pity those spouses who sold their pride, dreams and individual entity to be, from this day forward, called the spouse of  XXX.…

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    Sense of Purpose

    The smallest ant, the mightiest mountain, the farthest planet and even the darkest hole in the milky way is all there for a purpose. Yet, most human beings, considered the most intelligent specie ever, live our lives on a daily basis without the sense of a positive purpose. If that is what intelligence means, my request to God – I would like to go back to being an Ape.