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    Small Thinking

    We take pride in calling 4 walls our home, when we have the whole universe as our abode We identify ourselves with our body, when the entire ecosystem is a part of us We constantly carve boundaries differentiating between them and us, thinking we are growing bigger with each smaller piece we carve out for ourselves

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    It is so easy to be critical of others, if you have never been in their shoes yourself Try switching shoes sometimes, you will know how tall you actually stand

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    We all know that Humans are just another specie in the animal world. It is commonly believed that it is Intellect that differentiate us from animals. I disagree. I have seen many intellectual humans behave worse than animals. What truly differentiates humans from the other animals is the level of spirituality humans are capable of.

  • Yog

    Time is There

    Two year old Yog zooms in on the clock in this picture and exclaims excitedly, “Look Mama! Time is there!” I sigh and smile, “Yes Yog! Time, indeed, is still there!”    

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    From one life to the next

    If there was just one thing that I could remember from this life to the next, it would be the name of my website. It would be a shame if all that I have learnt in this life, gets to be implemented by me for one life only. 🙂