No Name Cakes

This is the only page on the internet which offers information about No Name Cakes so you should read this page carefully.

No Name Cakes are

  • 1 kg cakes, made with whole wheat flour/millet flour (no maida at all), jaggery powder (no sugar), and are completely vegan (I know you must be wondering – can it get better than this!! Read on to know more)
  • Pay as you like cakes. For me, my cakes are priceless because love cannot be measured. There is no price I have put for the cakes. You are free to pay as you like or not pay anything at all if you find them worthless. In case you wish to pay, to help you arrive at a reasonable amount to pay, the market price of a great quality, 1kg cake is about INR1000 or more. You should not pay anything if you do not like the cake. Just share some real feedback so the cake can be improved and that is the most important remittance of all.
  • Perfect gift for someone who cannot afford to buy a cake on their special day. If you are donating the cake, we are happy to donate it with you. In this case, just mention your intent to donate and you need not pay the cake cost at all.
  • Made to order in a home kitchen. Each cake is only baked the day of delivery or the night before in case of morning delivery
  • Delivered to your door step (anywhere where Dunzo delivers within Pune). You have to pay the delivery cost even if you do not choose to pay anything for the cake itself.
  • Available in these flavors
    • Banana Walnut (available in Gluten Free Option)
    • Apple Cinnamon (available in Gluten Free Option)
    • Carrot Cake
    • Chocolate Chip Cake (Choco chips can be replaced by walnuts for a completely Vegan option)
    • Zucchini Cake

No Name Cakes are not

  • Made a few days in advance
  • Something that I would not make for my own family
  • Covered in layers of icing. These are vegan cakes and hence are simple baked cakes without cream or butter icing
  • Baked by a professional chef. I am a homemaker and this is what I can make.

Answers to other Questions you might have

  • Why the Name “No Name”

A few days ago, my better half and I were thinking about a name for a Social Enterprise we are planning to launch. After contemplating about multiple names, we realized it is not the name of the enterprise that is important but the work that is done through the enterprise. We decided to start our work under No Name. Just get the work started Man!! Why waste time on thinking names! The name stuck with me. More so, the philosophy of work stuck with me. So this is the story behind the name “No Name”.

  • Why am I not marketing these cakes

I am not looking at hundreds of orders in a month, because honestly speaking, I can only bake one cake at a time in my home oven. My 10 year old son has promised to build me an oven which can bake 3 cakes at a time. Until he learns how to build the oven and actually builds it, I can only service limited orders. So there is no need to market and spread the word beyond what I can handle.

More important reason for not marketing is that I would like people to know about these cakes through someone who has experienced the cake themselves. There are no pictures on this webpage. There are no brochures that I have printed. If you have come to this page, you would have heard about it only from someone who loved the cake and wanted you to try it out.

  • Why sell something for free? Is it not poor business sense.

First of all, the cakes are not free. They are Pay as you like. There is a difference. These are free, only if you did not like the cake or you are planning to donate it or you cannot afford to pay for the cake. For all other cases, especially if you loved the cake and can afford to pay, do pay with a little bit extra so I can continue to fund for the cakes that are donations.

Secondly, we are a family who strongly believe in seva (serving the community). We have had the wonderful opportunity to work with people who have selflessly served the community for decades. I am a simple Mom with not many skills. I can only offer what I know. Most of my friends are big fan of my cakes and they have lead me to believe that I could offer these cakes to others who are looking for healthier options to celebrate or simply share a gift with someone (who cannot afford it themselves). This is my little way of doing seva right from my kitchen, humming a prayer as I bake for you.

  • Why are there no pictures of the cakes?

As I said before, I am not marketing the cakes. I do not believe in selling. If you have reached this page, you would have heard about the cake from someone who has tasted it and liked it. If you trust the persons taste buds, just order basis the trust. Plus, you can always choose not to pay if you don’t like the cakes. So what do you have to lose, anyway. Either ways, if you do not order, I will be happily reading a book that day. No problem at all either which way!

On a serious note, all cakes are baked by me with ingredients I source for my family. The look of the cake may change or vary depending on what ingredients or packaging I was able to source that day. I also believe, when it comes to cakes, it should be the taste that should count and not the mermaid picture pasted on top. So no pictures!

  • Are you for real? This looks like a some kind of social experiment.

This page is linked to my main website This website contains stories of my life since the last 10 years or so. These stories are so ridiculously simple and imperfect that no AI Engine could have written them (unless AI had children of its own). This should be proof that Shilpa Roy Kota is real and she will deliver.

  • Phew! I am convinced I need to order. How do I order the cake.

Contact me at +91 9246185187 (either on WA or simple call or text). Tell me what you are looking for. Happy to chat! Happy to talk! Happy to get to know you in the process.

Since cakes are only made to order, you should place the order at least 24 hours before expected delivery. If you have a special day coming up, you can even place the order ahead of time. It would be a good way of remembering your wife’s birthday, place an order with us ahead of time.

You have to pay for delivery charges when placing the order. You can pay any other amount you wish to pay only after you are satisfied with the order.

If you loved the cake, share this page with your friends in Pune. Remember the only marketing I am counting on is the word of satisfied customers.

  • Such a long page for a simple cake order. You need some marketing tips!

If you are good at marketing (or anything else for that matter) and are willing to offer your services for free to help others, please send me a message. We could do with some serious Seva work for the No Name Social Enterprise that I talked about above. Go ahead, send a message. Lets talk!