• Toyna,  Yog

    “Irresponsible Parent” Guilty as Charged

    Yogs first class of Playgroup drew to an end today with photographs, report card and parent teacher meeting. As I entered Yogs classroom, I was surprised to see the class teacher. Was she the class teacher Yog was having all this while? I had thought it was someone else. Did they change the teacher in the middle of the session without informing the parents? Hmm, or maybe I was just not paying enough attention to Yogs school. As I looked into his report card, I saw some areas of strength and some areas of improvement. Overall, I summarized, Yog was a perfectly normal child. I scanned the report card backwards…

  • Toyna

    New Session, New Fees

    End of final exams and I am seriously feeling so light. No more negotiations, time management programs, threats or down on the knees begging. With one more year behind us, I have been thinking of what to do differently this year to make the whole process easier for Toyna and me. While I am still planning, the school has been super organized and have already sent the Annual Fee circular for the next session. Toyna hands me the circular as just another white paper with black dots smeared on it. I ask her what it is about, and she shrugs her shoulders as if saying, “It is your responsibility to…

  • Thoughts and Quotes

    Being Alive

    There are some who endorse extreme smoking, drinking and other forms of physical pleasures as living each day to it’s fullest. They claim that each one of us has to die one day, as it is, so why not enjoy life while we can. To them perhaps the definition of being alive is associated with the fact that they are still breathing. I dread to think of a day when I am considered alive just because I am breathing. If all I am contributing to this planet, is a little bit more carbon dioxide, I would rather be declared dead. If nothing, I would have at least saved some air pollution.

  • Professional,  Thoughts and Quotes

    Farewell to the APAC CEO

    As I entered the conference room to join the farewell party of one of our youngest staff, Neelima, an energetic and passionate software tester, I was mentally preparing myself for hearing the Farewell Speech. This was standard protocol and I expected this to be a standard meeting. I had to get home quickly, after this meeting, to attend to Toyna, who was running high fever. Everyone one in the team was happy for Neelima as she started a new phase in her life. She was getting married and moving to new regions. We shared the cake, ice cream and some light hearted jokes. With that we immediately came to the…

  • Thoughts and Quotes

    Blood Stains on the Floor

    A son is born, the family rejoices There are blood stains on the floor, but the blood ain’t fresh It also does not belong to the boy or his mother As the son grows, he crawls on the red marks, accepting them as a part of his life When he grows up to be a man, he marks his own floor with blood of beautiful angels before he finally gets a son My heart cries, not because I was once a girl child, but because I am human with a heart