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    Potty Training Woes

    Have you ever dressed up for going out, lined your eyes with mascara, put on your favorite perfume, double checked yourself in the mirror, only to…………. become the toilet seat for the next bio break of your child. Phew! What a waste! ! This has happened to me two days in succession now. Either I should stop trying to dress up, or I should stop trying to potty train Yog n switch back to diapers. 

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    Power of Cinema

    Bollywood plays a vital role in defining the sense and sensibilities of people in India. After all, it is the biggest forms of recreation for the entertainment starving 1 billion people. The film industry, in this context, holds a lot of power in its hands. It can use this power to nuture values and ethics or spread obscenity and cultural violence. Sadly, under the pretext of making money, most filmmakers choose the easier route of generating trash and feeding it to the minds of gullible, junk loving Indian audience. In many ways, our film industry is responsible for the increasing violence against women by showcasing women as sex objects having nothing more…

  • Yog

    Time Out Time

    Having been through terrible twos once already on my own, and having listened to numerous tales of terrible twos, one would expect that I would be completely prepared to handle Yog as he approaches that stage. Alas! I admit I am not at all prepared. Somehow, when I held in my arms for so many months, kissed him good night, twirled his little fingers in mine, I always considered him to be an angel sent straight from heaven to save me.  Deep down inside my heart, I always belived Yog would be different. He would not throw tantrums over food, not break things apart, not jump from chairs and above…

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    Paradox of Life

    A recent lesson I learnt in life – The biggest paradox of life is that in order to make any change happen, we have to first accept life as it is, with all its beauty and its ugliness. We have to accept that some days we will be cheated. Some days we will be hurt. Some days we will cry till our heart breaks. When we have accepted these facts and are at peace with ourselves and with those around us, it is then, that we can hope to start the process of change.

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    There are two challenges I continuously encounter when taking Yog out for his daily walks. One, he loves automobiles irrespective of the fact whether they are stationary or moving. If he sees a car coming towards him, in place of moving away from it, he will try and run towards it. Even a split second distraction on my part can have him hugging the moving automobile in no time. Two, we have explored almost all nooks and corners of the road in our neighborhood so Yog is itching to go some place new each day. I don’t yet have the courage to take him to busier, unknown streets so he…

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    Classic Classy

    One thing that I am quite happy Yog has taken from me, is my love for dogs. We don’t have a dog at home so we are always out looking for dogs on the road. There is a very well mannered pet dog in our neighbourhood by the name “Classy”. As soon as we turn the corner where she lives, our eyes strain to find her. As soon as Yog spots her, he runs after her to catch her tail. Classy on the other hand, doesn’t share the same feeling for Yog. She is quite scared of Yog because he often steps on her feet or hits her (when trying…