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    Symptoms of Split Personality Disorder

    I love children! I love anything to do with them. I love their smile, their clothes, their toys, their books and even the smell of their skin. In the past, when I have travelled alone, I have missed my two little ones so badly that I have managed to ruin my travel sulking about not having them around. In such situations, when I spot any willing kids on flights or busy market streets, I go down on my knees to talk to them; share a joke or just smile with them. It is my way of healing myself; giving my soul what it needs. Today, as I boarded my long…

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    Collection of Old Memories from Early Years with Yog

    December 1, 2013 How do you know when you are spending too much time in the wrong place? Looking for a pen to sign a check and end up going in the kitchen to pick one. Almost picked a knife before I realized it is not a pen! God Save Me! April 2, 2013 Age: minus 3 months Specialty: The time when you can actually kick your mother awfully hard and still be praised for it.   June 24, 2013 Switched on the laptop after about a week and am flooded with update messages – windows update, skype update, tumblr update…. At this pace, by the time I get back…

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