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    Bees Don’t Give us Honey

    Yog (eating lunch): Mama, what do bees eat? Mama: Bees eat honey Yog: No Mama, Bees make honey for us. They don’t eat honey Mama: No Yog, Bees make honey for themselves. We take the honey from them Yog (thoughtful): So bees sell honey to us. What honey is left, they eat it? Mama (laughing internally): No Yog! Bees don’t sell honey to us! We steal honey from the bees Yog (shocked and adamant now): No Mama! That is not right! Bees give the honey to us. We don’t steal it from them Mama: Where did you learn that Bees give honey to us? Yog: My school book said, “Bees…

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    Homeschooling Topic – Problem Solving

    Yog figured out by himself that sometimes just switching off and then switching on an electronic device (in this case his battery car) resolves the functional issues.   For me, this is one of the most commonly used problem solving technique in the modern world. Works on gadgets, people, homeworks, projects, and even relationships…   Just reset the system and start from scratch again. Works 90% of the time.   #homeschoolinglife #problemsolving