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    Lessons Learnt Walking Together on a Dark Road

    Hold your light at an angle which helps you see best. Never copy the angle at which others are holding their light. What works for them, need not necessarily work for you. When you are on a dark road, the best way to guide someone is to illuminate the light from behind them, not in front of them. Life gets dark sometimes, even when you are walking with the ones you love. Find your light first, before you try and help other around you.

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    Why Women go to Beauty Parlours

    All women are beautiful. Nonetheless, more than 90% of urban women visit a Beauty Parlor at least once a month. I did a random search on “Why women go to Beauty Parlors”. Google responded in 0.8 seconds, “reinvent our appearance, enhance our beauty, boost our morale, to relax, to pamper ourselves,….” As a woman, I agree. We go to beauty salons to feel good about ourselves. Somehow the Beauty Industry does not seem to get this simple context right. The whole industry is directed on making women feel bad about themselves. They assume that this feeling will lead to Women spend more on clothes, makeup, accessories and of course (topic for…

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    Axe to School

      Yog (playing with his toy gun): I want to take my Axe to school today. He prefers to call the Gun an Axe. I am guessing it is something to do with his ancestral genes. Mama: No, we don’t take guns to school. Yog: Mama, it is OK. This is only a toy. I will not kill everybody. Mama (wondering): Did he mean, he will only kill some? Mama: No, if you take guns to school, Police will come and put you in jail. Yog (thinking about it for some time): Do they have school in jail? Mama (knowing I have been cornered): No, I don’t think they have…

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    It is so easy to be critical of others, if you have never been in their shoes yourself Try switching shoes sometimes, you will know how tall you actually stand

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    Spaghetti to the Rescue

    “No school today?” are the first words from Yog each morning. Even before he is out of bed, his blankets still rolled around him, he pops this question, looking expectantly at me for his desired response. I know he is already planning alternate strategies in his mind, even before he has heard my response. Deep cough from his mouth, vomit and stomach ache are few of his master cards. He knows he can call upon fever, or the bad headache from last month to his rescue as well. If none of this works, he can roll down some tears claiming trauma at school because his best friend does not like…