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    Why Do We Cry Alone?

    I came into the world crying Crying was my first words Crying I called you and crying I hugged you But today, I am afraid to cry in front of you Oh! Why do I cry alone?   I don’t laugh alone I don’t celebrate alone I don’t holiday alone Then, why do I have to cry alone?   Crying is important Crying is healthy Crying is natural Then why do I cry alone?   You cry She cries He cries We all cry But why do we all cry alone?   Why do we feel judged when we cry? Why do we feel weak when tears flow down our…

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    2:09 AM

    What do you do when you set out on a cross country, round trip drive spanning more than 2000 kms extending from Arabian Sea to Bay of Bengal and back? I don’t know what you do, but this is what I did. After I was done arguing, debating, justifying and negotiating with my family (co-passengers) I drove, I thought, I listened to music and I had some very  ground breaking realizations. Sharing some of these soul stirring emotions on my blog: It is not just the beauty of the landscape or the smoothness of the road which make the journey memorable. More so, it is the unexpected bumps, speed breakers,…

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    Kitchen Science

    Science Revision with Yog goes something like this: Example of Sedimentation When we make Pakoras in the house, after some time, small pieces of Pakoras settle down in the oil. This is called Sedimentation Example of Decantation After the small pieces of pakora have settled down, we pour out the oil. This is called Decantation Example of Filtration When we make tea, we use a Sieve to filter the team from tea leaves. This is called Filtration Example of Purification When we are making Green tea, we boil water. It kills all the pathogens in the water. This is called Purification. I am left with the following thoughts- Kitchen, indeed,…

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    Genes We Sow

    I saw a picture of the cutest toddler running free Instantly, I saw the reflection of his Mom and his Dad in his profile Oh wow! I wondered What a fine balance of both genes he has picked up My nephew is doing some extraordinary work for a not profit My heart swells with pride when I think that he belongs to my gene pool   Essentially, who we are, is a mix bag of genes that we have inherited Of course, our hard work, our lifestyle has a lot to do with how successful we become But there are some things that just come into being because of the…

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    Car Drive

    We are off to an impromptu drive in the glistening night Yog: Mama, sit with me in the car Pavan: No. Mummy will sit with me Yog: No, I asked Mama first Pavan: But I already booked Mummy even before you were born Yog (asking me sheepishly): You had Love Wedding Mama? Me: Yes, we did Yog. Considering his odds of winning, Yog strikes a deal with his Dad. While going I will sit with Papa. While returning, I will sit with Yog. I can only stand on the road letting these two cute boys fight over me. Such a priceless feeling this is. Who cares where I get to…

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    Shedding Dead Weight

    When we fall and hurt ourselves, our body develops a scab to heal itself. As soon as the body heals, the scab falls and the body is back to being light and free. Imagine, if the scab never fell. Imagine, if everytime we got hurt we accumulated more dead skin on top of our body. Imagine, the weight of the dead cells we would be carrying in a few years and over a lifetime. How grotesque our body would look and how heavy it would feel with so much baggae to carry. Now imagine that one day someone came along and took off a piece of the dead skin to…

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    Life of a Flower

    A Flower bloomed outside my gate I stopped to marvel it’s beauty, it’s poise And click a picture while at it Stepped in my car and sped off to a new adventure at the vegetable cart Watermelons, papayas,bananas abound Oh dear! Mangoes nowhere to be found Loaded bags with supplies for the week start I stepped out of the car to greet a shock The Flower was gone Oh! Life so short! It just bloomed this morning! Who could be so ruthless to pluck it so early Why are men so selfish !! Then as if the flower spoke to me The purpose of my life is to bloom and…

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    Paratha Tales

    Is situation par kaunsa gaana fit hot hai? Husband: I am going for a run Wife: ok. I am making Parathas for breakfast Husband runs for 1 hour enjoying Aloo Parathas in his mind while running After run at breakfast table Husband: Where is the Aloo in this paratha? Wife: This is Dal Paratha. When did I say I am making Aloo Paratha? Sound of heart breaking into a million pieces!!!! Song for this situation Bhaag bhaag PK Bose Pk Bose Pk Bose Bhaag Bhaag Pk Bose Pk bhaag Aloo ki shakal main paratha nikla Daal Bhaag Bhaag Pk Bose Pk Bose Pk Bose Bhaag bhaag PK Bose Pk bhaag

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    The Story of Perfectly Imperfect Scores

    After Homeschooling for about 3 years, Yog decided to join school 4 months ago towards the end of the current academic year. Since the first day of school, he has been loving it. The first day of school, he sat through a science assessment. and scored 3.5 out of 5. He was thrilled that he knew most of the answers. Right after he got home, he told me about it with glint of pride in his eyes. I couldn’t help but marvel at how easily he transitioned from a no assessment zone to writing assessments and being proud of them! Two months into the academic year, we were seeing final…