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    Perception Management Begins at Home

    Disclaimer- This post is not a rant of the Genius Capabilities of my husband Pavan Kishore Subramanya Kota Pavan established the first coding group called Net Maniacs while studying Mining at his Engineering College somewhere in the late 1990s He started his career as a developer before he moved into Quality and Process Engineering He built multiple IT Products and took them to market as part of his Business startup He currently heads the Intelligent Automation team at a large Financial Services organization Anyone who knows Pavan will consider him a tech genius and a master in programming. Wrong. Little Yog disagrees. Simple reason, Pavan has never helped Yog with…

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    Should a 7 year old learn Coding

    In the recent past, I have seen two completely conflicting kind of posts on Social media. One kind encourage and excite parents, like me, to enroll their children in coding classes. These posts equate coding to life skills and subtly make you believe that there is a Steve Jobs hiding inside each child just waiting to come out. If you enroll your child in coding classes, you would have made the career of your child. Needless to say, these kind of posts are typically created and shared by companies conducting coding classes. They want you to enroll your child so that they can make money and yes, of course also…

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    The Human Paradox

    The ocean encompasses the land Yet the both couldn’t be more different We seek agreements in relationships Knowing very well that opposites attract We choose to love unconditionally Hoping that our love will be returned We believe in freedom of our expression How dare, someone else questions our freedom We believe there is one God We call upon that God to save us and crush the enemy   These are the contradictions of life Answers which no one found It is human nature, they say to behave like animals in our own way

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    Professional Discussion

    Yog and me discussing Jobs people do (aka Professions as per his EVS text book). Mama – So what do you think is my profession? Yog (instantly rattles off) – You are a cook. Papa is a Worker and Tatha (Grandfather) is a Builder because he loves making houses. Mama – So what do you want to become when you grow big? Yog (beaming from ear to ear) – I want to be a TV watcher. Mama (bursting out with laughter) – Let me know how it goes for you! With that I shut down his EVS book. I think there are some more loose ends to tie before we…

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    Search for the Ultimate Destination

    I run. I pant. I cease. I wonder what was my destination. I meet Death and realize it wasn’t what I had thought it’d be. I run but do not find either Heaven or Hell. I run. I pant. I cease to be dead. I meet a new life. More determined this time… I run fast. I pant less. I live a little longer and then I cease. Wondering still, what was my destination meant to be? I meet Death but not the promised lands of angels. But Hey! I can run faster now. The land seems just in reach. But just before I get there, I cease to be…

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    Tough Times or Opportuntiy in Plainsight

    Parents are constantly planning for what skills to introduce to their children for the future. Since the last Industrial Revolution focus has been on the STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Lately, parents have become more liberal and willing to accept Arts, Literature, or even Sports as the chosen career for their child. As long as the child is passionate about the stream, parents are willing to go full steam on supporting the child. Once a chosen career is decided, children are coached on how to focus, cut out distractions and leave out all room for self-doubt. Go all out and make it work. This is the good news.…