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    The House that we Live In

    If you are a Middle Class individual residing in the same house for over an year, you will relate to this. I can’t say when it all started but I can look back at least a month and know that something is wrong with my home. It is like there is a bad energy shadowing our home and impacting everything in it. I hear cats crying early in the morning and I see bird poop littering my beautiful veranda. I see spiders crawling my walls and ants running across my kitchen counter. If the creepy crawlers are not enough, our toilets and taps are leaking, and there is a flood…

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    Lost Love

    You were the first thing that made my morning You were the reason for my smile in the evening You were the balm for my splitting headache You were also the perfect company when I wanted to be alone   You made my presentations better You got my friends together You pushed me to never give up With you, I always felt and alert   But then, we parted ways For better or for worse, who knows My headaches have returned My mood swings keep me busy   My heart knows, you can always make things better But my mind refuses to see the sight of you I have never…

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    My Offer to You

    I do not offer anything to anyone But simply, a part of me   All that I know, I do not preach Cause there is nothing I know that hasn’t been said already   All that I do, I do not share Cause I do that for no one else but me   All that I have, I do not tell Cause it is not mine for eternity   All that I love, I do not pride Cause I know I can love much more   All that I donate, I do not boast Cause there are so many more in need   All that I write, I do not…

  • Toyna,  Yog

    Door Signs

      Door signs become an important part of defining ourselves as we create our own space in life. Since some years now, Toyna has been hanging notes outside her room door. These signs often reflect her state of thought, action and mind. Sometimes the signs state rules of how to behave in her room and sometimes these are just fun things that she likes. Recently, Yog decided that he ought to have some rules for his room too. In order to emulate his sister, he kept searching for nice stickies to put on his door. But he managed to scavenge only a few small stickies as seen in the picture…

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    For all the Men out there – How do you show your love?

    How do you show love to your daughter By keeping her indoors and making her wear long overhauls Or by teaching her self defense and self respect It is a bad world out there, but guess what – she is already a part of this world   How do you show love to your son By telling him which courses to do and pushing him to be more competitive Or by listening to his dreams and letting him cry on your shoulder It is a tough world out there, but guess what – you gave birth to a son, not a robot   How do you show love to your…

  • Yog

    My Mom

    As seen from the eyes of an 8 year old child. As written from the heart of a Mom who thanks God each day for all the love she has received.    My first hug, my first kiss, my first love letter Will always be for my Mom   When I am angry beyond argument When I am happy beyond words When I am sad beyond comprehension My go to person, my Mom   When I hate someone When I love someone When I fight with someone When I kiss someone The person who knows all , my Mom   When my Mom says something right When my Mom says…

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    Cuts and Tears

    Yog works endless hours under the hot sun in our little home garden with his Dad. He shovels, digs, moves rocks, pulls weeds/roots, prunes trees and works with all kinds of pests with ease. His legs and arms are strained, knees are black and fingers are scraped. Overall, he is a happy boy. We sit down on our dining table under the fan with a glass of icy lemonade by our side. Yog opens his brand new Math text book and immediately ends up getting a paper tear from the sharp edges of the new book. His eyes well up with tears, voice gets choked and he mutters under his…

  • Yog

    Low on Battery

    Yog joins Pavan for his fitness class. While Pavan sweats it out, he works as Pavan personal secretary juggling his phone, electrolytes and hand sanitizer like a pro. Office phone rings. It is a colleague from work. Yog: Hello! Colleague: Hello! Can I speak to Pavan? Yog: Papa is exercising. Battery is only 1%. I will call you later. Colleague: Oh Ok! Take care! #ConversationsWithYog #LowOnBattery