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    Sharing the Things that Count

    The moment I stepped in for lunch at home, my six year old niece, Sia, came running, scanning me from head to toe. With a slightly worried, curious look she asked, “You are wearing my Mothers shirt!?!” The look on her face suggested  that she was worried about me infringing into her mother’s wardrobe. Without thinking twice I remarked, “Yes I am! Did you know that you are wearing Yog’s (my son) shirt. And Yog is wearing his cousin brothers shirt.” Both Sia and Yog’s heads dropped instantly to scan their respective shirts. I kneeled down to look Sia in the eye and said, “Isn’t it fun to share clothes?”…

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    Five Whys

    Five Whys is a common management tool used for identifying root causes to a problem. It is all about asking “Why” repeatedly till you come to the real root of the problem. Five Whys is also Yogs favorite technique to understand the world around him. This is how most of our conversations, these days, go: Yog: Why do I have to wear a sweater today? Mama: Because it is cold outside. Yog: Why is it cold? Mama: Because it is winter season. Yog: Why is it winter season? Mama: Because the earth has tilted away from the sun. Yog: Why did the earth tilt away from the Sun? Mama (thinking…

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    Who created the Distance?

    Distance, by definition is not related to one point Distance, is and always will be the difference between two points When you stand far from me, you see the distance between us Does it matter how the distance was created; who moved backward, or who did not move at all? What matters is that do we want the distance to be bridged or do we want the distance to grow Rather do we believe this distance is worth bridging