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    Mum Always Knows

    I sent a message to my Mom over whatsapp today, telling her I am missing her and I wish I could come and hug her. Promptly came her reply, “Is all well? Are you sad?”. Hmm, I thought for a moment, “I don’t think I am sad. What made Mom think that?” And then after a few moments, I realized, I was indeed sad, for reasons that I didn’t even acknowledge to myself. Till that reply from my Mom, I hadn’t even allowed myself to be sad. How in the hell could Mum have known? Well, I knew the answer for this one. Mum always knows. Toyna usually calls me…

  • Toyna,  Yog

    Toyna, Yog and Grammar

    Toyna and me participating in Communications Workshop. Toyna examples on: Simple Past  – Yog hit me. Present Continuous – Yog is messing the room. Past Continuous – Yog was biting me when Mama came in the room. Future Continuous – I will be kicking Yog the next time he hits me. Past Perfect – Yog had already messed the room when I woke up. This proves, beyond doubt, that Yog is always on Toynas’ mind. The reason behind the same is something to ponder about.