• Yog

    Professional Discussion

    Yog and me discussing Jobs people do (aka Professions as per his EVS text book). Mama – So what do you think is my profession? Yog (instantly rattles off) – You are a cook. Papa is a Worker and Tatha (Grandfather) is a Builder because he loves making houses. Mama – So what do you want to become when you grow big? Yog (beaming from ear to ear) – I want to be a TV watcher. Mama (bursting out with laughter) – Let me know how it goes for you! With that I shut down his EVS book. I think there are some more loose ends to tie before we…

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    I am not this Body but this Cycle is Mine

    I am not this body I am not my clothes I am definitely not my shoes But this cycle is mine so I will keep it clean at any cost, even if it means dirtying my body, clothes, or  shoes   After a heavy rain last night, Yog and his cycle got stuck in the middle of a muddy puddle. I was laughing away to glory when Yog tried desperately to keep his cycle clean but did not care that his shoes, clothes, hands and feet were covered in that muck! Immediately after coming home, he tended to his cycle to clean it. After he was done, I immediately attended…

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    Child’s First and Ever Lasting School

    What’s common in Embroidery, Carrot and Cheese Salad and Roughly Chopped Carrot and Cucumber Salad? These are all home projects done by our children without any encouragement/planning/teaching from my side. Embroidery and Carrot Cucumber Salad having been done by 5 year old Yog. Carrot Cheese Salad done by 13 year old Toyna. You may wonder what prompted them to pick up random things like Embroidery and Salad Making. The simple answer is that they saw these skills being practiced by someone at our home. Since these were being done for a period of time only by adults, our children figured it must be something interesting to do. After all, adults…

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    Our Death Plan

    8-Jan-2019 Ever since we lost Yog’s grandmother last year to Death, this D word has been omnipresent in our household. While we might want to avoid talking about Death over and over again, Yog is fascinated with it. It wasn’t long before he connected the dots and understood that Mom, Dad and Grandfather are also getting old and might die any day. It was therefore only proper that we have a solid plan for what does Yog need to do in case he loses his Mom, Dad and Grandfather all in one day. This is how our first conversation, in this regard, went. Yog: Mama, what will happen if you,…

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    Bees Don’t Give us Honey

    Yog (eating lunch): Mama, what do bees eat? Mama: Bees eat honey Yog: No Mama, Bees make honey for us. They don’t eat honey Mama: No Yog, Bees make honey for themselves. We take the honey from them Yog (thoughtful): So bees sell honey to us. What honey is left, they eat it? Mama (laughing internally): No Yog! Bees don’t sell honey to us! We steal honey from the bees Yog (shocked and adamant now): No Mama! That is not right! Bees give the honey to us. We don’t steal it from them Mama: Where did you learn that Bees give honey to us? Yog: My school book said, “Bees…

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    Homeschooling Topic – Weather

    Yog: Mama, Winter is coming.When will it snow in Hyderabad ? Mama: It only snows in regions which are far from the equator or are very high up from the ground. I am sorry but it doesn’t snow in Hyderabad. Yog: Why? Mama: Because Hyderabad is near to the equator and it does not have any mountains as well. Yog thinking about the facts at hand for some time: Are the mountains growing? Mama: Yes, the mountains are growing slowly. Yog: Then after the mountains grow, will there be snow in Hyderabad? Mama: No Yog! The mountains are growing but not in Hyderabad. I don’t think there will be snow…

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    Homeschooling Topic – Photosynthesis

    Yog collected lots of twigs and used Popsicle sticks in the park today. He brought all of them to the car as well. I casually asked – Yog, what will you do with all this? Yog: I will burn them. Me (shocked): You know we should not burn things. It causes pollution Yog: No Mama! When I burn these, Carbon dioxide will come out. All the plants at our home are hungry. They need to eat carbon dioxide as their food. I am going to make food for them by burning these. Me silent for a moment. It takes time for my aged mind to process such arguments. Me coming…

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    Homeschooling Topic – Religion

    A few days ago, we passed a graveyard on the road and Yog wanted to know what it is. So I explained that in some religions when a person dies, he/she is buried. As expected Yog’s next question was – What is a Religion? I explained that it a set of things that we believe in. For e.g, we are Hindus so we go to the temple and worship our God. We do not bury our dead but we burn their body. Today, while we were eating dinner, Yog asked, “Are we Muslims?” I shook my head and said, “No, we are not Muslims. I told you what religion we…

  • Yog

    I had to Leave your Hand

    You nurtured me to grow You were my back bone till I couldn’t keep my head held high As I take the final push to stand on my own I have little choice but to push you away at the same time That is the law of nature It is painful to be independent but it is more painful to pull you down with me ——————– Thoughts from when Yog started walking on his own.  

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    The Hockey Stick – Lessons on Physical Aggression

    Yog runs to me with urgency and purpose in his stride, his chubby legs trying to keep pace with the thoughts running in his mind. Concern is evident all over his red face. I am certain he has a very important matter to discuss with me. Huffing, he exclaims, “Big boys are beating small children on the road. I told them to stop but they are not listening.” I sigh. Not again. Why do boys fight? Calmly, I tell Yog, “You did a good thing by telling them not to fight. I am happy that you didn’t get into the fight, yourself.” Yog’s expression quickly changed from concern to frustration.…