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    The Journey is Mine, cause the Destination is Mine to Achieve

    When we lose a loved one to death, misunderstanding or simply time, we tend to question not only fate and God but also every relationship that we still hold. If we have lost once, what is the guarantee that we will not lose another loved one again? How do we continue to love knowing very well that all loved ones will part from us one day or the other? I found a simple explanation to this in a short four hour road drive, last week. When I started the drive, I was focused on the road, navigation directions and the miles ticking by. No sooner had I settled in the…

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    Beautiful Life

    There is so much beauty around us, inside us. Most of us miss seeing it, feeling it cause we are rushing to earn more, save more. Hoping that one day we will have enough saved to go find this beauty outside of us. My day starts with the beauty of rolling out kids from their cozy blankets Spilled milk on table tops Poo poo just in time for school bus Books left behind Extended debates on the latest news (ignoring the breakfast and the clock ticking on) The peace and quite of the empty house Life is beautiful, spilled milk or not. Life is beautiful, completed homeworks or not It…