• Toyna,  Yog

    Door Signs

      Door signs become an important part of defining ourselves as we create our own space in life. Since some years now, Toyna has been hanging notes outside her room door. These signs often reflect her state of thought, action and mind. Sometimes the signs state rules of how to behave in her room and sometimes these are just fun things that she likes. Recently, Yog decided that he ought to have some rules for his room too. In order to emulate his sister, he kept searching for nice stickies to put on his door. But he managed to scavenge only a few small stickies as seen in the picture…

  • Thoughts and Quotes

    For all the Men out there – How do you show your love?

    How do you show love to your daughter By keeping her indoors and making her wear long overhauls Or by teaching her self defense and self respect It is a bad world out there, but guess what – she is already a part of this world   How do you show love to your son By telling him which courses to do and pushing him to be more competitive Or by listening to his dreams and letting him cry on your shoulder It is a tough world out there, but guess what – you gave birth to a son, not a robot   How do you show love to your…

  • Yog

    My Mom

    As seen from the eyes of an 8 year old child. As written from the heart of a Mom who thanks God each day for all the love she has received.    My first hug, my first kiss, my first love letter Will always be for my Mom   When I am angry beyond argument When I am happy beyond words When I am sad beyond comprehension My go to person, my Mom   When I hate someone When I love someone When I fight with someone When I kiss someone The person who knows all , my Mom   When my Mom says something right When my Mom says…

  • Homeschooling,  Yog

    Cuts and Tears

    Yog works endless hours under the hot sun in our little home garden with his Dad. He shovels, digs, moves rocks, pulls weeds/roots, prunes trees and works with all kinds of pests with ease. His legs and arms are strained, knees are black and fingers are scraped. Overall, he is a happy boy. We sit down on our dining table under the fan with a glass of icy lemonade by our side. Yog opens his brand new Math text book and immediately ends up getting a paper tear from the sharp edges of the new book. His eyes well up with tears, voice gets choked and he mutters under his…

  • Yog

    Low on Battery

    Yog joins Pavan for his fitness class. While Pavan sweats it out, he works as Pavan personal secretary juggling his phone, electrolytes and hand sanitizer like a pro. Office phone rings. It is a colleague from work. Yog: Hello! Colleague: Hello! Can I speak to Pavan? Yog: Papa is exercising. Battery is only 1%. I will call you later. Colleague: Oh Ok! Take care! #ConversationsWithYog #LowOnBattery

  • Homeschooling,  Yog

    Perception Management Begins at Home

    Disclaimer- This post is not a rant of the Genius Capabilities of my husband Pavan Kishore Subramanya Kota Pavan established the first coding group called Net Maniacs while studying Mining at his Engineering College somewhere in the late 1990s He started his career as a developer before he moved into Quality and Process Engineering He built multiple IT Products and took them to market as part of his Business startup He currently heads the Intelligent Automation team at a large Financial Services organization Anyone who knows Pavan will consider him a tech genius and a master in programming. Wrong. Little Yog disagrees. Simple reason, Pavan has never helped Yog with…

  • Homeschooling

    Should a 7 year old learn Coding

    In the recent past, I have seen two completely conflicting kind of posts on Social media. One kind encourage and excite parents, like me, to enroll their children in coding classes. These posts equate coding to life skills and subtly make you believe that there is a Steve Jobs hiding inside each child just waiting to come out. If you enroll your child in coding classes, you would have made the career of your child. Needless to say, these kind of posts are typically created and shared by companies conducting coding classes. They want you to enroll your child so that they can make money and yes, of course also…