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    Break the Mundane

    Stuck in the mundane gives us comfort of knowing Stuck in the mundane gives us reason for frowning We would rather live frowning in the known than be happy trying to step in the unknown

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    Death of the Farmer buried in the Farming Vision

    I sat through a high energy leadership session at a leading IT company, hearing future leaders talk about their dream; the one thing that wakes them up every morning; the one thing that doesn’t let them sleep at night. I was juggling between other office notes and chat messages on the side, expecting this to be just another vision mapping exercise. I thought I knew what most of them wanted – settle in USA, buy a Ferrari, and a home in Hollywood. Isn’t this what this generation is really working for? Isn’t this why they slog at their desks 24 * 7, have zero family life and have children who…

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    The First First Love

    We all know the importance of “First Love” in life. We swear by it. We live by it and we can even die by it! While the term is often used in a romantic context, remembering those from the other sex (or same sex as one would prefer), in my opinion, first love extends beyond romantic vision only. I vividly remember that pink lace dress, the grey lean cycle, the new Maths book or even the busy Mumbai city that I fell head over heels in love with. Essentially speaking in every sphere of life that we enter, we are bound to have First Loves. I think these small things…

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    Accessories for a Good Sleep

    Yog has the habit of catching something in his hands before he goes to sleep, ever since he was a small baby. In the initial months, he latched onto my finger for comfort. Slowly, he transitioned to a soft Teddy bear and then to his fleece blanket. As his tastes and preferences advanced from just comforting items to items he could use to play and explore; he moved on to watches, scissors, sticky tapes, hair brushes, books and latest of all pencils and sharpeners. I realized early on that there was no point in trying to extract these items before he went to sleep. All I could possibly gain from…