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    Do you Blame Life

    Some days life throws shit at us and we let that shit stink our clothes, body and souls. And then, there are days when life throws shit at us. We not only neatly catch it, but we also make dung cakes, package them and sell them at 100% profitability to those whom life has not gifted as much shit. Given these two scenarios, can we blame life in any way? First published on Facebook on October 25, 2014.

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    Why some Questions don’t have Answers

    These days, the most common word ringing in our small household is “Why?” Why is it summer? Why is it cold? Why is it dinner time? Why do we need sleep? Why did Akka pinch me? Why do we have to wear uniform to school? Why don’t you wear uniform to office? Why am I growing big? Why am I not growing big faster? Why does the Sun have to go to California? Why did you cook Lauki for dinner? Why did Papa got to Egypt? Why didn’t we go to Paris? Why, Why, Why… Honestly, even though I love questions from four year old Yog, it is time taking…

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    It took me 20 years to cross 100KMs

    I have been driving for more than 20 years but I have never driven more than 100 KMs in a day, ever before. Yeah! It takes time to sink in. TWENTY Years!!! Wow! Not even 100 KMs! OMG! I never crossed this number before because I simply didn’t care about this number before. My reason for driving was independence and mobility. I never cared about the digits on the speedometer or the odometer (yes! I had to google it to know what it is called!). I also have a loving, protective, caring and dominating husband who never let me sit behind the driving wheel whenever he was along. Honestly, I never…