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    Love you Life

    The constant travel, the time away from home, the conflicting time zones, are all a conspiracy of Life to force me to miss you. Makes me wonder how little life knows about this emotion. Dear Life, here is a lesson on this emotion for you. One is only possible of feeling this emotion when something close to the person is taken away from them. For example: I miss walking when I don’t get the chance. Or I would miss Toyna when she gets married. How can I miss Pavan? He is a part of me. He has been for a long time now. Maybe you are still living in those…

  • Toyna

    Creating Happy Memories

    Human mind is a very powerful thing. Irrespective of what is physically happening around us, it is capable of creating a world of it’s own making, for us to live in, not only for the present but also the past and the future. I learnt about this fact from Toyna when she was six years old. When Toyna was 4 years old, she had a freak accident playing on a slide in our neighborhood park. Her right elbow was smashed and a sharp bone piece also injured the nerves in the arm. The injury was so severe that at a point there was little hope of ever recovering the movement of her…

  • Yog


    Yog used to love drinking milk. He used to so look forward to his night time routine which ended with a milk sipper and a warm blanket. Milk was also the first thing that he liked to have after he woke up in the morning.  The ritual was so deep in our home that any deviation from it could cause pure havoc. Given this context, imagine my worry, when doctor forbade milk completely for Yog due to a very bad stomach infection.  As night time approached I debated in my mind what substitute I could use in place of milk so that Yog didn’t throw a fit.  Given his upset…

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    From one life to the next

    If there was just one thing that I could remember from this life to the next, it would be the name of my website. It would be a shame if all that I have learnt in this life, gets to be implemented by me for one life only. 🙂

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    Mother Enough

    Have you ever snickered at a Mom who has a dirty house, or who is lagging behind at work or worse still whose children are unkempt and ill behaved? The most cardinal sin of all, is a mother who is so busy that she doesn’t even care about her childrens school or extracurricular classes. I admit, I have at times wondered how a mother could possibly not manage to do all the above with just one hand and use her other hand to dress up, go partying and have a life. Somewhere deep inside me, I used to think they must not be “Mother Enough” to be in such a…

  • Toyna,  Yog

    Love you Mom

    What is that about being a mother that brings out the worst behavior of your child in front of you!?!! This question has been bothering me for days now. My kids, behave very well with grandparents, school teachers and others, i.e. till the time I appear on scene. The minute they see me, all their bottled up emotions, spill over in one devastating flood. Whenever I pick up Yog from school, I try and observe him from a distance before he gets to know that I am around. He seems to be all happy and playful and not the least bit stressed out. But that is until he sees me.…

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    Walking in the Rain

    There are days when I want to break down When being strong is not an option found When tears want to flow and sobs like to be heard When I want to curl up inside a blanket and shut out the cruel world   But something stops me from breaking free From showing to the world how fragile I can be From crying out loud, lest someone might hear me   On days like these, I take out my walking shoes Plug in some music and set out into the streets The sound of the music inside my head Drowns the last few barriers dead   The breeze whistles past…

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    Read Me from Inside

      When I was growing up, I used books to help me find my way in life. Not the way, one would traditionally expect books to be used (by reading them). Whenever in doubt, I remember opening a random book at a random page and reading out a random line from that page. I was once told that random lines, like these, can help one find the answer they are seeking. Looking back, I understand how it worked.  The random line helped put into words, the deepest thought that I was not able to find on my own. The answer was always there inside me, but sometimes it needed a…