• Toyna

    Mirror to Life

    I come home wanting to share a happy news with my daughter. I ask her to guess what the surprise is. She makes some random guesses, then looks at my face closely and remarks, “You’re happy! That’s the surprise!” There can be no better form of a mirror to look at life than your children’s eyes.

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    Conversation with Life

    If Life was an exam, what would it really measure: Money and Power, or Love and Pleasure? Would it count the promotion letters or my children’s smiles? Would it worry about the school projects or the tiny hands that went to grind? Would it really pass me forward or would it fail me behind?   I muse these thoughts for no reason or rhyme I laugh at life for trying to make me whine Ha ha! I say, “You cannot be an exam for sure! For I have nowhere to go if I score” “And nothing to lose if I don’t shore” I stand here today just wanting to know more…

  • Yog

    Kinda Padpoindi

    From Amma & Amu in November last year to Cheema Tutu in early part of this year, we have now evolved to a wide range of words, sentences, songs and expressions. In Yog’s growing vocabulary there are concoctions of Hindi, Telugu and English religiously spun together so that all stakeholders in the family are happy. While most of his good words have been picked around from home or school, there are hidden surprises like “Oh! Shit” and “Stupid” that leave us deeply embarrassed in front of friends and family. I must admit that life is much easier now since Yog can express his needs and wants using simple words. I don’t have to…

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    If your life were a book

    “If your life were a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go? “Amy Purdy, Ted Talks This is a tedcast about Amy who lost both her legs to a blood infection when she was in her early twenties. In spite of the tragic loss she went on to win multiple snowboarding championships across the world, based on her sheer passion and determination. It wasn’t easy and she failed miserably many times but she refused to give up. All along she believed that she was in control of her own life as if she was the author of a book that she was writing about…

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    Possibilities for a Mother

    10 years of being a working mother has taught me that: It is possible to get a quick nap in the middle of a tornado It is possible to complete school projects at 11 PM in the night It is possible to participate in conference calls and put kids to sleep at the same time It is possible to miss your maid more than you can ever miss your husband More important than all of the above, I have learned that It is possible to believe in yourself It is possible to be completely responsible for another human being It is possible to experience miracles around you every single day,…

  • Professional

    My story of becoming the India CEO of KINDUZ

    It was 10:30 in the night. My manager and I had just completed our individual set of meetings over the phone. We still had a few hours of work ahead of us before we could call it a night. Thankfully, the children had slept on time today, allowing me the luxury of focusing on work uninterrupted. We sat down on the living room couch to catch our breath and talk about something that had been playing on our minds for some days. The lego blocks were scattered on the carpet ahead of us and the room bore the tired look of having hosted children throughout the day. But that was…

  • Yog

    Yogs Cinderella Story

      Last night in a vain attempt to put three kids to sleep together, I decided to read them some stories. The first book that we read was an extremely abridged version of Cinderella. This is how it went: “Cinderella: There is a ball in the castle. I want to go too. First Step Sister: Oh! but you don’t have a dress to wear to the ball. Second Step Sister: Oh! but you don’t have shoes to wear to the ball. Step Mother (laughing): Ha ha!! You don’t even have a carriage to go to the ball. Cinderella rushes up to her room crying. The Fairy Godmother visits Cinderella to…

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    When I showed up at my office on a cycle

    The year was 2008. The winter had just started to set in. The days were becoming shorter and the breeze was becoming colder. All summer months I had been itching to get on my cycle and be able to drive just a little further than the confines of the neighbourhood streets. One beautiful sunny day, I just decided to cycle down to work about 6 kms away. Till that day, I had never seen anyone in Hyderabad, apart from contract labourers, cycling to work. But that did not deter me for a moment. After all, what could possibly go wrong. I knew the traffic rules to be followed by cyclists…