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    Return of the Cycle

    I was a big time cycling enthusiast during my college years. I continued to cycle to work during my first jobs but had to  give up cycling when we moved to Mumbai after marriage. Kids, jobs, transfers and business managed to keep me away from my favorite sport for about 13 years. For some reason, even after all this time, the dream of cycling did not abandon me. It just sat there patiently in my heart waiting for the time when it could rewind. That day came sooner than I had imagined when a good friend introduced me to Cykul. I was literally jumping up and down with excitement after…

  • Yog

    Time is There

    Two year old Yog zooms in on the clock in this picture and exclaims excitedly, “Look Mama! Time is there!” I sigh and smile, “Yes Yog! Time, indeed, is still there!”    

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    Law has to be Blind but Humans need not Be

    As the whole country seethes with anger on the release of the juvenile, I feel anger and frustration rising too. I am a woman myself and a mother of an innocent girl. But I am sure, it is not just women like me who are seething. I am sure men of all ages and caste are furious too. We all know that if there was ever a man who deserved capital punishment, it would definitely be this Juvenile. Alas, I was once a law student myself and I understand why Lady Justice has a cloth tied on her eyes. A law is a law and has to be upheld unless the basic…

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    My Husband Lost his Wife to an Alien

    A good friend sent a message late yesterday night with a simple line, “We are pregnant!” followed by, “I need to speak to you!” My heart swelled with pride, love, joy, gratefulness and every other positive emotion that is humanly possible. From this first sentence on, I knew he got the whole thing about pregnancy right. He didn’t say, “She is Pregnant!”. He said, “We are Pregnant!”. While on the face of it, some folks might think that men don’t really have to do much with pregnancy but the fact is that they actually contribute equally to the whole thing, literally and figuratively speaking. Just as an example, most lucky men have run out of…

  • My Love

    Walking With You

    Each night I walk alone under the star lit sky The black road beckons and the breeze whizzes by My heart is full of music of years gone by And dreams of future waiting for you and I   Then, one day, you decide to join me for the stroll I share my music and you hug me close We stumble upon feet and are close to a fall We poke, we push and we laugh aloud   Oh! Why do you need to walk with me? Oh! Why do you need to slow me down? Oh! Why do you make me stumble and fall? Oh! Why do I still love…

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    The World is a Place to Find Yourself

    I was born with a disease which can prove to be a big deterrent in ones journey towards exploring the world. Thanks to this disease, I used to dread stepping out of home, into cars/buses or planes. If there was no choice and I had to travel, I had to plan meals and backup options, days in advance. During the dreaded journey itself, I used to try and sleep for as long as I could. God forbid, if I was awake even for a while, the attack was just seconds away. Simple as it may sound but those who suffer from this disease can easily relate to how miserable it…