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    Dear School, Please note that I am the Primary Caregiver for my Children

    Dear School, I am the Mother. In case you are not aware, I am the one behind waking up the children in the morning, getting them dressed, checking on their school work, packing lunch boxes and dropping them to school. I am the one, attending Parent Teacher Meetings, participating in school events and networking with like-minded parents in the school. And in case you didn’t know, I am the one who searched through multiple forums, spoke to endless parents and finally shortlisted you, as the school for my children. In return, don’t you think, it is my right to be considered as the Primary Caregiver for my children? But No,…

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    When we dream with our eyes closed, our mind knows no boundaries. We can walk on water, live on the clouds or win Ms. Galaxy beauty pageant. In our dreams, the entire universe, and beyond, is┬ájust waiting to be conquered by us. However, when we dream with our eyes open, our dreams are constrained by the extent to which our vision can see and our heart can believe. Therefore, I believe, we should always close our eyes and shut the world out to dream the dream that we actually want to live.  

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    Lesson God Lakshmi would want Us to Learn

    When you are at a stage in life when money ceases to be a problem, you realise that it was never the problem in the first place. In essence, one does have to earn a lot of money, if only, to learn to stop blaming Money for the problems. Dear Lakshmi ji, I respect you even more now. Not so much for what you can provide to us, but for the amount of patience you would have to deal with fools like us. A very Happy Diwali to all my friends and family!!!

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    Doc says, “I have another two years to live!”

    I had been suspecting something wrong with my mind since a long time. I just didn’t know it was more physical than I had actually thought. The doctor confirmed my suspicion. I had a tumor in my brain and had probably two more years to go. I laughed and told Pavan, “See, I always told you I had a good reason to be out of my mind most of the times!” I felt no fear. I had no regrets. I had led a fulfilling life. What more could I have possibly wished for? As we drove back home in silence, my mind started chalking out a plan for the coming…

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    Should Women keep Karvachauth?

    If this was the title of a Group Discussion given for a job recruitment or a college interview, I would have walked out of that interview there and then. Because, for me, this question is not worth a discussion at all. It is not about whether it is right for women to keep this fast or whether it is wrong. It is about the futility of such discussions. What do we hope to gain out of such discussions? It is not about women empowerment, because as far as I know modern men don’t force women to keep this fast. If there is any form of duress at all, it is…