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    What would Nirbhaya say to Trump?

    Most evenings when I step out for a walk around the dark, poorly lit roads of our neighborhood, my heart says a little prayer for Nirbhaya. It was 4 years ago when the tragic act, involving her, shook our nation for the better. Since then, while crime against women hasn’t stopped; in my lonely walks on the roads, it does seem to have reduced a wee bit. Four years ago, I was accustomed to occasional cat calls and slight brushing on the road (considering that I am unattractive mother of two, I used to wonder what more attractive younger girls would be facing). I am happy to say that since…

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    Hospital Memoirs

      Pavan and I have been in the hospital for the last three days, fighting a bout of Dengue. This is the first time that I have known the big, strong Pavan needing support from anyone¬†to deal with basics of life. Dengue can be serious, but thankfully Pavan is recovering well. He sleeps most part of the day, leaving me alone in the hospital room to ponder about life. When I unpacked my bags in the hospital room, I had planned to catch up with work. For some reason, I thought a hospital room would be the best place to close all pending action items. I was wrong. Even though…

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    Growing Up

    Yogs polite way of telling me that I have grown fat, “Mama, you have grown up.” Then he rubs his hands gently on his own tummy and says, “I have grown up too!”