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    World of No Lies

    We are all guilty of lying. Sometimes we lie for the good of others, like when I crush Flax seeds inside a fruit smoothie and completely deny it when the children ask. Sometimes we lie for our own good, like when Pavan and I go for a date telling the kids we are off to a business meeting. Yes, we could convince them that Mama Papa need time, etc, etc, but sometimes it is just simpler and faster to lie. No one remembers the exact date or year they learnt to lie. In my experience of bringing up children and seeing nephews and nieces grow, I think by age 5…

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    Mind before Heart

    One rotten apple on a tree does not mean all apples are rotten One bad father does not mean all fathers are bad One bad Guru does not mean all Gurus are bad Don’t eat an apple with your eyes closed Don’t accept exploitation even from your own father Don’t follow a Guru leaving aside your own logic

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    Whose Side are You?

    We are all looking to blame someone for everything wrong happening in the world today – blame Muslims for terrorism, blame Hindus for rapes, blame Modi for economy, blame Congress for corruption, blame Trump for IT slump, blame blame blame… It is so easy to generalize segments, brand them and blame them. It gives us a false sense of security. It makes us think the problem is not with us but with someone else. If we want to solve the problem, first step is to stop segmenting ourselves into brands. There should only be two sides – human and inhuman. It is time to really choose.