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    Small Thinking

    We take pride in calling 4 walls our home, when we have the whole universe as our abode We identify ourselves with our body, when the entire ecosystem is a part of us We constantly carve boundaries differentiating between them and us, thinking we are growing bigger with each smaller piece we carve out for ourselves

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    One box, One Cupboard, One Step, One Day at a Time

    When Amma passed away, a few months ago, there was a sense of overwhelm in the whole family. The feeling was justified because we had not only lost a loved one, but we had also lost someone who had managed the entire house and a lot of aspects of our individual lives. Deep within, we all wondered how we would move on in life without her. For the first few weeks, each cupboard in the kitchen spooked me. There were so many boxes and bags that contained stuff I couldn’t recognize. I tried to decrypt the contents through touch, smell, taste and even neighbors advice but I wasn’t 100% successful.…

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  • Toyna

    Stepping into Mama’s Shoes, Literally

    Toyna rushed down from the steps exclaiming in a “No big deal” kind of way, “Mama, I am wearing your Pajamas today!” I turned around to look at her. Indeed, she was wearing my dark green pajamas! My reaction, “Huh! But why? Where are your own pajamas?”   Honestly, this isn’t the first time she has slipped into my wardrobe. She has been doing this for ages now. But till now, she had always either asked my permission to borrow something or hid from me the fact that she took something from my room. Essentially, till now she had considered my things as my property. But today, she crossed that…

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    Happy Teachers Day to my Children

    As soon as I got home from office yesterday, Toyna ran to me, hugged me and said “Advance Happy Teachers Day!” I was surprised to hear this. Sensing my hesitancy to accept the title of a “Teacher”, she quickly exclaimed, “You taught me how to walk, how to say my first words. You still teach me how to eat food properly. ” She then paused, waiting for my reaction. I was not totally convinced, so she quickly added to her argument, “Our family is always our first school.” I smiled at this and my heart warmed up. I accepted the wishes with a “Thank You Toyna!!” and a big hug.…

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    Power of a Guru

      I took out 3 hours on a working day to stand in the sun, next to a busy traffic junction, covered in cardboard. I am sure you must be wondering why a sane, educated, professional like me, would do something like this? I did it because I have faith in a single person and his message to save the rivers of our land. Along with a couple thousand more people, I believed in the importance of the cause and the urgency to stand behind it. But even more important than the cause, it is my faith in my Guru that called me to stand up for the cause. I…