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    Motherhood is the most Creative Job

    Motherhood, Innovation and Creativity could very well be synonyms. I honestly think mothers are the most creative humans. They have to be creative as they are entrusted with the responsibility of getting other, not so rational, humans not only to stay alive, but grow and bloom. My husband often remarks how his mother used to insist he should eat ladyfinger, cause eating ladyfinger helps to master Maths. On similar lines, I make sure my son finishes his Egg, by pretending to measure his muscles after every bite of egg. Bigger the bite, more the increase in muscle. My sister home schools her two sons and it is a pleasure to…

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    I had to leave your hand

    You nurtured me to grow You were my back bone till I couldn’t keep my head held high As I take the final push to stand on my own I have little choice but to push you away at the same time That is the law of nature It is painful to be independent but it is more painful to pull you down with me

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    Back to Basics

    Being a mother is serious responsibility; one that most mothers (including me) often take a little too seriously. Mothers like me define the primary goal of Motherhood as, “Bringing up healthy and successful individuals”. Given this goal, it is pretty much impossible to measure the success rate of Motherhood. This is because there are many definitions for “Healthy” and even more definitions for “Successful”.  At the start of Motherhood, when our children our barely able to hold their head by themselves, our goals for Motherhood are sky rocketing. I remember, I started with a goal of “Class Topper” when my daughter joined Nursery. Even though she did not top the…

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    Topic of Debate – Peeing in Public Spaces should be allowed

    I am not sure if it is just me or the complete air around us which feels extremely heavy. The Delhi smog seems lighter in comparison to the weight bogging our planet, thanks to the new elected President of USA. Given this context, the last thing I wanted to do was write another blog about Trump. I thought it might be a refreshing change to start a debate, which was completely unrelated to American Politics. So here goes, “Peeing in Public Spaces should be allowed, says the mother of three year old boy.” The story behind my stand on the topic. We have a big school in the adjacent lane of…

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    My Relationship with God

    I do believe in God. I believe in the God who resides inside all of us. I am not really sure if It also resides in Temples, Churches or Gurudawaras. I honestly have never tried to find God in  such designated prayer zones. I feel people running these prayer zones use God as an excuse to make money, accumulate power and kill people. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that that most evil in todays world, actually happens in the name of God. In this context, I am averse to anything that people do in the name of God – like festivals, rituals, sacrifices. I like celebrations,…