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    Tough Times or Opportuntiy in Plainsight

    Parents are constantly planning for what skills to introduce to their children for the future. Since the last Industrial Revolution focus has been on the STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Lately, parents have become more liberal and willing to accept Arts, Literature, or even Sports as the chosen career for their child. As long as the child is passionate about the stream, parents are willing to go full steam on supporting the child. Once a chosen career is decided, children are coached on how to focus, cut out distractions and leave out all room for self-doubt. Go all out and make it work. This is the good news.…

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    What is Homeschooling?

    Homeschooling Parents, like me, get a lot of questions related to Homeschooling. Most of these questions come from parents who are new to Homeschooling and want to know more. I love sharing my experience about Homeschooling and hence love these questions. However, given the increase in the frequency of these questions, and my limited time, I decided to create a series of blogs addressing these questions. I hope that these blogs help you find some answers related to our Homeschooling Journey without waiting to talk to me. I call it “Our” Homeschooling Journey, because it is specific to us. In your quest to know more about Homeschooling, you will speak…

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    Opposite of Fear is Understanding

    We have a small green park just next to our house. Occasionally, we find snakes sleeping in between the green bushes or slithering between the branches. Our children play in the space every day and are perfectly ok to say, “Hello!” to a snake once in a while. They understand that if they come across a snake they should move out of its way silently and quickly. They should come home and wait for a few hours before returning to the park. They should report the snake to an adult so we can check and call the snake catchers. Under no circumstances, should they try to harm the snake or…

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    Five Reasons why we Chose Homeschooling

    To any outsider, who has never done Homeschooling before, I can vouch that Homeschooling seems like a pretty daunting task. Most people are not able to cross the line into the Homeschooling world because Homeschooling seems like a lot of work. Plus, there are not many clearly documented resources to help along the road. Most thoughts about Homeschooling remain thoughts, until there are a few, extremely strong, non-negotiable, gut-wrenching, soul shaking reasons why one just has to move forward with homeschooling. As a family, we have been doing homeschooling for roughly an year now. My children went to regular school before that. My experience with regular school has been for…

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    How do we prepare for Tomorrow? – Making our children Future Ready

    Image Credits: Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians, Pixabay Fourth Revolution is real and irreversible. As we see advancements in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines will continue to take over more and more labour-intensive jobs. This is good news for mankind as this will free us from drudgery and toil. With machines taking over jobs involving basic cognitive skills and physical/manual skills, humans will have a lot more time to create, collaborate and entertain. What does this essentially mean for our children? What are the jobs that children of today should plan for? What are the core skills that will be needed for…

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    Workplaces of Tomorrow

    If you are reading this blog, you are either a parent, caregiver, teacher or a student yourself. You already understand that the world is rapidly changing, and it is only prudent to change along with it. We have covered this premise in our last two blogs which you can read here (Are Todays Education Systems Ready for Tomorrow?, Tomorrow that Starts Today). In this blog, I will take the premise forward and talk about the inevitable workplace evolution. Right from the first Industrial revolution, workplaces have been constantly evolving. With the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, by the year 2030, workplaces are going to completely transform. What will the workplace…

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    Are Todays Education Systems Ready for Tomorrow?

    Ever Changing Employment Landscape Times are changing fast. We discussed the nature of change in our previous blog – Tomorrow that starts Today. We have deduced that machines would take over more than 30% of human jobs in as soon as 5-10 years. This shift towards automation does not mean that our children will lose all jobs to machines. This only means that our children will face different jobs and business opportunities than the working class of today. This change in skills is not a new phenomenon. It is just that the speed of this phenomenon has accelerated rapidly over the last two decades. What started as an internet revolution…

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    Tomorrow that Starts Today

    Change is the only constant in life. Mankind adapts fastest to change making us the smartest specie on the planet. The biggest technological change of modern times last took place as the First Industrial Revolution that started in 1800s. It changed the way we did things and transformed us from an agrarian society to an industrialized society. With the launch of machines doing jobs like production of textiles, cultivation of crops and transporting goods and people, mankind was freed from performing effort intensive jobs. This provided them opportunities to explore, innovate and achieve new frontiers be it in space, arms race or healthcare. Countries which lead this Revolution are called…

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    Boredom is a Gift

    One late evening I was talking to a mother about Homeschooling. Like most good parents, she was concerned about providing enough stimulation to her 2.5 and 4.5 year olds. I could sense pride in her voice when she told me how she was learning carpentry so she could redecorate her children’s room. She walked me through her plan of laying brightly colored peg boards and cozy spaces in the room so her children love their space and are completely engaged. How I wish, I had the heart to tell her that she was focusing her energies in the wrong place. While I was so proud of her taking all the…

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    Gifts from my kitchen to me

    Two burnt fingers Three chopped nails Dozen blackened scars Two aching feet Some gifts from my kitchen to me Baking powder that always runs out Yeast that never fails to expire Brown Sugar that’s always wet Butter who forgot to be soft More gifts from my kitchen to me Failed cakes Burnt cookies Bitterly bitter chocolate Crystallised ice cream Sigh! Gifts from my kitchen to me Hundred giggles Thousand smiles Tons of messy clothes Forty flour lathered fingers Couple batter smeared cheeks Twinkling eyes Drooling Tongues, altogether adding to Four Happy Children Best gifts from my kitchen to me Thank you dear kitchen for letting us be