Running for President

I came across a post warning parents against sharing stories about their children on the internet. The post suggested that while parents find sharing updates about their children cute and funny, such posts might become a cause of embarrassment for their children in their later years. Since I blog about Yog all the time, this post caught my attention and I really wanted to know more.

According to the author of the post, one should do this final test before one posts anything about their child online. The test being, ask yourself, “In the future, how is this post going to effect the Presidential Campaign of your child?” As soon as I read this, I relaxed. If anything, all my posts about Yog are going to help Yog build his Presidential Campaign,  if he chooses to run for President or Prime Minister or whatever title the world has in those days.

Besides being the cutest memoir for me for my old days, each post highlights the sensitive, mindful, grateful, logical, innovative and creative aspects of Yog’s character. According to me, no one is better suited to run the future world other than my darling boy! I know every mother thinks like that. But hey! I have many many many historical records to prove it too!

Give a thumbs up to this post, if you agree too! Who knows, Yog might end up using our votes long after you and me are no longer on this planet. 🙂

I am an ex-Management Consultant and a successful entrepreneur having close to twenty years of corporate experience. I am currently focusing full time on being a homeschooling parent while researching on the future of education and alternate methods of education. I am also a Vedic Math Trainer, an Operations Manager at a business run by her children and a philanthropist working with tens of other under privileged children. I bring all my past and current experiences together in the form of writing blogs. Using these blogs I wish to create awareness in parents, caregivers and educators about parenting, education and holistic living.

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