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What would Nirbhaya say to Trump?

Most evenings when I step out for a walk around the dark, poorly lit roads of our neighborhood, my heart says a little prayer for Nirbhaya. It was 4 years ago when the tragic act, involving her, shook our nation for the better. Since then, while crime against women hasn’t stopped; in my lonely walks on the roads, it does seem to have reduced a wee bit. Four years ago, I was accustomed to occasional cat calls and slight brushing on the road (considering that I am unattractive mother of two, I used to wonder what more attractive younger girls would be facing). I am happy to say that since that fateful night in December 2012, I have never faced such abuse in Hyderabad, not at day; not at night. There seems to be a silent respect for the price that Nirbhaya and many like her have paid.  So when I feel safe, in my own city, I pray for her soul.

It was recently that I started thinking about Nirbhaya in the light of American Politics. At this stage, it just seemed logical to join dots between America and India, even though we are thousand of miles apart. What happened in India in December 2012, happened in Argentina in September 2016. Raping underage girls who are under the influence of alcohol happens almost every day in progressive countries like USA. No matter which country we come from, or where we want to migrate to, we all have the same challenges. To consider that someone like Trump can come to power in USA is as repulsive as thinking about Nigerian President, saying that his wife belongs to the kitchen.

Now, during my lonely evening walks, I think if Nirbhaya was alive, what would she say to Trump or Mr. Buhari? There is no answer that I get. There are no words that can explain how wrong this is. Does this mean that my vote would go for Hillary? Firstly,  I am not a US citizen. Secondly, I don’t like Hillary either. However, if Hillary coming to power would silence the likes of Trump and Mr. Buhari then I think she very well should.

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