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Door Signs

Toyna Door Sign
Sign outside Toynas Door


Sign outside Yogs Door

Door signs become an important part of defining ourselves as we create our own space in life. Since some years now, Toyna has been hanging notes outside her room door. These signs often reflect her state of thought, action and mind. Sometimes the signs state rules of how to behave in her room and sometimes these are just fun things that she likes.

Recently, Yog decided that he ought to have some rules for his room too. In order to emulate his sister, he kept searching for nice stickies to put on his door. But he managed to scavenge only a few small stickies as seen in the picture above. Don’t bother to read what he has written as his handwriting is still evolving. I am noting it down for reference and then interpreting it for your understanding.

Note Says – Keep Distance Akka. Private. Because you are rude to me. But I will allow you to come if you be kind to me. I will let you come in for stem and golding book! Mama Papa you can come in here because you are kind of kind

Note Means – Akka (elder sister) stay out of my room because you are rude to me. You will be allowed to enter the room if you are kind to me. Akka is only allowed to enter Yogs room for writing her Golden Book and taking steam. Mom Dad are allowed to enter Yog’s room because we are kind to him.

When we read the note on the door we were apprehensive that Toyna (Akka) might feel bad about it. After all, Yog had just banned entry for her in his room. Nevertheless, we kept our silence and decided to see Toyna’s reaction. Few days went by till Toyna decided to check out the weird looking notes dancing on Yog’s door. As soon as she saw it, she immediately came to tell Pavan and me about it. She exclaimed softly (trying to make sure Yog does not hear her), “Have you read the note on Yog’s door?”

Me (thinking “here we go”) : Oh yeah! What do you think about it?

Toyna (laughing under her breath): It is so cute!

Me (laughing out loud): Oh really! You find it cute?

Toyna (pride swelling up her chest): See, he is learning things from me!

Me (feeling thankful): That he is! Teach him something nicer next time.

As I write this blog, I can’t help but smile and marvel at the simplicity of childhood. What we thought would offend Toyna actually made her proud. Who would have thought of that. With Toyna in her teens and Yog almost reaching double digits, our household resembles a War Zone on most days. The only memory I have of the love they both share are the blogs I had written when Yog was an adorable baby and Toyna used to take care of him as a Mom. Every time I read those blogs I reassure myself that our present situation is just a phase. I remind myself that they do love each other and will not kill each other soon. Just when, I think that I need to do something to take control and remind both of them that they are related by blood and they should not be treating each other like this, miracles like today happen.

It was priceless to see the pride in Toynas eyes even when her brothers intent was to make her feel bad. It was a gentle reminder for me that things are pretty much in control, in their own way. It was a reminder to me, not to try and solve problems that perhaps only exist in my own head. Best of all, it was a reminder for me to note this beautiful memory in my blog for the days when both of them step out into their own worlds and I will only have memories of these doors talking to me.


P.S – If you are still trying to understand more details from Yogs door note, here it goes. As part of the night routine (which usually takes place in Yogs room), we have a practice of writing 5 things we are thankful for in our Golden Book (Yog called it the Golding Book in his note) and taking Steam (Corona precautionary measure)(Yog called it Stem in his note). Essentially, even when Yog barred entry to Toyna in his room, he allowed her exceptions to come in for Golden Book and Steam. Now, this is what I call, “Holistic Thinking”


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