Classic Classy

One thing that I am quite happy Yog has taken from me, is my love for dogs. We don’t have a dog at home so we are always out looking for dogs on the road. There is a very well mannered pet dog in our neighbourhood by the name “Classy”. As soon as we turn the corner where she lives, our eyes strain to find her. As soon as Yog spots her, he runs after her to catch her tail. Classy on the other hand, doesn’t share the same feeling for Yog. She is quite scared of Yog because he often steps on her feet or hits her (when trying to pet her). She is quite fond of the older children on the road as they are pretty well behaved and often have treats on them that she can eat.

Evening time, today, was quite exciting. It all started with the older kids playing hide and seek in an empty house in the neighborhood. They ran up and down the steps trying to hide and find each other. Classy being so fond of them, ran behind them. However, most of these boys are scared of dogs so they hid on the roof, refusing to come down till Classy was there.

Yog spotted Classy running up the steps and he ran inside the compound wall to catch her. Now Classy who had climbed one floor, refused to come down, scared that Yog will hurt her.

I was on the road calling Yog, who was inside the compund calling Classy. Classy was, in turn, on the first floor wagging her tail and trying to get attention of the boys on the roof. The boys in desperation, were trying to call me, seeking my help to take Classy out of the house so that they could come down.

What a commotion it was! I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that while the bigger boys were scared of Classy, Classy herself was scared of miniature Yog.

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