Toyna,  Yog

Akka and Me

Toyna, Yog and Mamma

Yogs  favorite person in the whole wide world is his elder sister Toyna, whom he fondly calls Akka. For everything that you ask Yog to do, he will immediately ask if his Akka is going to be joining him. This is how our conversations go:

Me: Yog you want to go Broom Broom? (meaning scooter ride)

Yog instantly nodding his head and asking: Akka? (is Akka coming too?)

Me: Yog, shall we go eat ice cream?

Yog instantly nodding his head and asking: Akka? (is Akka coming too?)

Me: Yog, lets us go to sleep.

Yog (first reaction): No sleep!!

Mama: No, but it is time to sleep. (catching his hand and taking him to the bedroom)

Yog: Akkkkkkaaaaaaa!!! (Akka should also sleep with me)

Mama (offering a blanket): Yog do you want blanket?

Yog (readily grabbing his blanket): Akka? (Does Akka need blanket too?)

Mama (time for bio break): Yog, chi chi time. (This is not a question, but a statement as we need to take him to the potty seat at regular intervals)

Yog: Akka?

He sits on the potty seat and calls: Akaaaaaaaaaaa! (He needs Akka for moral support).

Poor Akka has to not only come and join him in the bathroom, but she has to also sit on her potty seat, relive herself before he will start his process.

The best part is Toyna never objects to this attention. She adores him as much as he adores her. Thankfully for me, at least she doesn’t need him to join her during her bath and bio breaks.


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