All God Died?

On the way back from visiting the Church and the Gurudwara
Toyna: So Christians worship Jesus Christ.
Mama (pleased. Thinking finally she remembers): Yes
Toyna: They worship only one God
Mama: Yes
Toyna: And he died long ago?
Mama: Yes
Toyna: Hindus worship so many Gods
Mama (happier now): Yes
Toyna: All of them also died?
Mama (getting worried. Not sure where this is leading): Yes
Toyna: Sikhs worship the Gurus and they all also died.
Mama: Yes
Toyna: If all God died so long ago, then there are no God left on the earth.
Mama (not sure how to answer this): Yes
Toyna: Who takes care of earth now?
Mama: (speechless as always)

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