Believing vs. Seeking

Before I start, I must confess these are not my original thoughts. These are thoughts from Sadhguru, a spiritual leader, I have been reading upon. 


In order to believe, we must already know. When we know, we stop seeking more. In the process we stop learning. So which is better, believing or seeking?

Sadhguru compares Believing to Religion. Our religion tells us to follow a certain path in life, and we believe the path is right. If we are religious, we never question the belief and we continue to conduct ourselves in the manner as preached by our religion.

On the other hand, Seeking is like Spirituality. On our spiritual journey, we just know one fact and the fact is that – We don’t know. This fact is like a constant pull that keeps moving us forward towards answers. In the end what do we end up finding –  Ourselves!


I am sure this has left quite a few readers confused. Feel free to share your thoughts on Religion vs. Spirituality. If you want to know more about Sadhguru, visit ishafoundation.org

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