Birthday Surprise

Mama and Toyna planned for a birthday surprise including balloons, flowers, chocolates and cake for Toynas Tatta (Grandfather). After the planning is done:
Mama: Toyna, you cannot tell about this surprise to anyone.
Toyna (giggling): I will not tell Tatta, but can I tell Bamma (Grandmother)?
Mama (with a serious face): No, you should not tell Bamma also. She will tell Tatta.
Toyna (trying to control her giggles): Ok, can I tell Tataamma (Great Grandmother)?
Mama (also trying to control her giggles now): No, you cannot tell Tataamma also.
Toyna rushes down from her room to Bammas room.
Toyna: Bamma, Bamma, we have a surprise party planned for Tatta. Don’t tell Tatta.
Mama (shocked): I thought we were not supposed to tell anyone.
Toyna (innocently): But I didn’t tell what the surprise is. I only told there is a surprise.
Mama (thinking): I should have known this was coming!

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