“Car Free Thursdays” who are you trying fool?


I am sure some of you have heard about a bunch of people in Hyderabad who are trying to change the way the city thinks  and behaves. They first tried to get us on the roads early Sunday mornings and now they are trying us to make us give up our comfortable air conditioned cars on Thursdays. Who do these people think they are? Who gave them the right to try and intervene in our lives? Why is GHMC allowing them to create this nuisance on our streets?

We are the upper middle class, fueling the lights behind the cities booming economy. We work hard at our desks so that many more in the city can earn a livelihood whether as security guards, nannies to our children, or as sales persons in the fancy shopping malls. How can these so called Rahagiris try and mess with our life !??! We are proud citizens of our country and we will proudly get together in the club houses of our apartments on August 15th to celebrate 68 years of independence. We are free from the bondage of foreign rulers but we have meekly submitted to be the  bondage of small, fancy and expensive gadgets. In fact the smaller the gadget the bigger the power it holds on us. Who says we are anti-social !?! It is our generation which has invented the whole social media! We drive fancy cars to our fancy offices. We eat heathy food and then buy heathy weight loss packages at fancier clinics. Our whole life revolves around our image which we have been painstakingly created by choosing what we wear, where we live, how we travel and who we hang out with. Do you think we are going to give up all this to join your Car Free Thursday Campaign!?!

Don’t get me wrong! I am an environment conscious citizen! Just the other day, I took my son in my Mercedes car to plant a tree at my sons school. It is such a nice school.  It was built after clearing dense wild growth which was growing unabated in the middle of our city. The school has air conditioned classrooms and uses iPads for teaching science. Isn’t that cool !?!

Anyhow, as I was saying, I seriously think you guys should do something more fruitful with your time. You know, I donate regularly to NGOs. You can visit me and I will surely donate to a healthier cause. But Car Free Thursday?? Come on, you ought to be kidding!

On a more serious note:

Car Free Thursday – Please find another city to save! We at Hyderabad are too busy creating innovative green solutions for the rest of the world. We do not have time to clean our backyard right now.


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