Day Four at School

I love Mummy Daddy


Day 4 at school – Although 8 days have passed since Yog started school, he barely attended school for 3 days till now. By the end of the third day at school, he was down with a bad cold and had to miss school. Yesterday was the first night after 3 straight nights that he slept peacefully. Today he seemed fresh and shining in the morning, so I tentatively broached up the topic of school. I was quite sure, he would not want to go and would cling to me, at the mention of school. Mentally and physically prepared to handle this outburst, I gently took him in my lap, hugged him and said, “Yog, today we will go to school! Broom Broom!!” . Broom, Broom, being the sound of the scooter/car on which he goes to school. At the sound of broom broom, he immediately jumped out of my lap, rushed to the table in our room and pulled out his school bag. I didn’t even know his school bag had been resting there all these days. I was surprised to see that he not only knew this was his school bag and it was kept under the table, but more so that he was so excited to go to school.

He got ready for school without a fuss and waited patiently till I had my bath and pulled out my office bag. As soon as I took him in my arms to take him to the car, he said “Ta Ta” to his grandmother, followed by multiple flying kisses. He insisted on taking his school bag from my hands and catching it himself. All the way till the car, he waved “Ta Ta” to everyone he met on the road followed by his trademark flying kisses. I was so relieved seeing him so excited about school. In a way it meant that he was happy being at school and the school was treating him well.

Of course, when I actually dropped him to school and turned around to leave, he howled and cried as if I was leaving him in the worst World War II concentration camps. I hate his tears, but have little choice but to disappear from the scene completely, as soon as possible. Sometimes you just have to place your trust in the Upper One (in this case Yogs teacher), and remove yourself from the scene.

As I sit at my office desk recapturing the whole morning, my heart and mind are still out there with Yog at his school. Can’t wait to retrieve all of them back.

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