Jumping to Conclusions

I went through an embarrassing situation a couple of days ago. Thankfully, only I understood the source of my embarrassment and hence did not have to face the humiliation of being publicly prosecuted. I am writing a blog about it is so I can remember the important lesson I learnt out of it.

As I dropped my little sweetheart to her class one fine Sunday evening, I was as usual in high spirits. I drove my scooter out of the apartment complex and was enjoying the light breeze on my face and in my hair. Coming from the other side of the road, I saw another scooterist slightly confused and not sure on which side of the road he should drive. I smiled inwardly and smirked at his silliness. How could one not know which side to drive. I managed to cross him safely avoiding a collision and entered another intersection, onto another road leading home. 

This is when it dawned on me why the scooterist was confused. He did not know which side to ride on, because I was riding on his side of the road. I remember he looking at me and trying to tell me I was on the wrong side. But I, in my spirits did not even notice it. I also realized, he was not smirking or laughing at me. And it was not me, but he, who avoided the collision.

So many times we jump to conclusions, blaming others for deeds, events, mistakes, problems in our lives. Many times, we realize soon after that we were wrong. However, by then, the damage is already done and we have no way of undoing it. 

I hope I remember this incident the next time when I am about to jump to a conclusion and assign fault. 

Those of you who are trying to interpret this incident and prove your point – “All women are bad drivers”, I will only say “Don’t jump to hasty conclusions” 🙂

I am an ex-Management Consultant and a successful entrepreneur having close to twenty years of corporate experience. I am currently focusing full time on being a homeschooling parent while researching on the future of education and alternate methods of education. I am also a Vedic Math Trainer, an Operations Manager at a business run by her children and a philanthropist working with tens of other under privileged children. I bring all my past and current experiences together in the form of writing blogs. Using these blogs I wish to create awareness in parents, caregivers and educators about parenting, education and holistic living.