Toyna,  Yog

Junior Mommy

Toyna, Yog and Mamma

After putting Yog to sleep yesterday night, I stepped out for a while to run an important errand. When I returned 10 minutes later, I was greeted with loud, inconsolable cries of Yog. As I rushed to his room, I almost ran into Toyna, carrying Yog in her arms and trying to calm him down (with little success). I quickly took over and Yog was sleeping soundly again in no time.

In the background, Toyna quietly retreated to her room. I sensed something was wrong and joined her there with Yog still sleeping in my arms. As I sat on the bed beside her, in the dark, I thought I heard a stifled sob. I asked if she was OK and she said “I am fine, I just have a blocked nose.” With that she loudly blew her nose, as if to prove that she indeed had a blocked nose.

She slept off after a while, but I sat there much longer, my heart going out for her. Such a small soul, trying to step into my shoes for Yog; deeply hurt cause she had failed; but still strong enough to put a brave front before me. God bless Yog’s Junior Mommy!


P.S. – Backdated story from a time when Yog was six (months) and Toyna 8 years old.

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