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Maybe it is time for Happy Mothers Day

A few days back I was casually discussing the sale season with my mother. I like to think that both of us are “smart shoppers” who ensure that we spend the right amount for the right thing at the right time. Given the ongoing sale, I was nudging my mom to check out the stores and complete her shopping list. She, however, sadly exclaimed, “Beta, I don’t feel like going alone to the malls. They are so big and crowded. I fear I will get lost.” My heart filled with love for her. I tried reading beyond her words into what she really meant. After all, my Mom is a superwoman. She can never be scared. She has traveled most of the world alone to reach her daughters whenever they needed her. She has sat outside Government offices on Dharna to evict an IAS officer from our rightfully owned property. She has run multiple businesses in parallel, successfully (some out of hobby and some out of need). She has carried an 11 year old me in her arms all the way to the doctor when I crushed my toe. Was she trying to tell me she was scared of going to the neighborhood mall alone? It couldn’t be true. What did she really mean?

Maybe she was trying to say, that she wanted one of us to go along with her because she always looks forward to our company. Or maybe she is actually getting old and not as brave anymore. But the latter option just didn’t sound right. My mom could never get old. My mom could never be scared. She has been the rock behind my courage and strength. How can my rock ever get weak? I could never let that happen.

I realized a few days later that maybe it was time that Mom could stop being a rock.  Maybe it was time that she can let her hair down and let her daughters take care of her, in place of the other way round. Maybe it was time, that we become the rocks for her.

On Mothers Day this is my message for her, “Dear Matrix, you don’t need to be working so hard anymore. Please relax and allow us to take care of you now. I promise to spend the next sale season together with you. I promise to join you in shopping, carrying your bags and paying your bills too. A very very Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mom we could have ever had. Love you loads”


Pic Courtesy: Bhaargavi Toyna Kota. From left to right  – Me, Aartee and Heeral. The hairdos might not match us, but the face expressions completely do.

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