• Yog

    Why some Questions don’t have Answers

    These days, the most common word ringing in our small household is “Why?” Why is it summer? Why is it cold? Why is it dinner time? Why do we need sleep? Why did Akka pinch me? Why do we have to wear uniform to school? Why don’t you wear uniform to office? Why am I growing big? Why am I not growing big faster? Why does the Sun have to go to California? Why did you cook Lauki for dinner? Why did Papa got to Egypt? Why didn’t we go to Paris? Why, Why, Why… Honestly, even though I love questions from four year old Yog, it is time taking…

  • Thoughts and Quotes

    It is OK

    It is never the environment that causes the stress. It is the realisation that you are incapable of handling the environment that causes the stress. I wish I could just close my eyes, take a deep breath and calm down. On some days, it’s OK to be late to work. It is OK to make a quick meal in place of an elaborate one. It is OK to just stop in the middle of the chaos and find the sense. It is OK to just say to yourself, “It is OK!” Life is still good.