• Yog

    Cheema Tutu

    Yog has been a late bloomer in terms of speech. This in no way means that he was not able to express himself till now. His deep black eyes can speak volumes, just by holding your gaze for a split second. In addition, he is blessed with two ┬ásuper active hands. Using the combination of his eyes and hands, he has been managing quite well thus far. While most kids his age are now making sentences and expressing themselves well, Yog is discovering two letter words now. We have waited close to two years to converse with him using words, so each word that he speaks sounds like Beethoven to…

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    Sense of Purpose

    The smallest ant, the mightiest mountain, the farthest planet and even the darkest hole in the milky way is all there for a purpose. Yet, most human beings, considered the most intelligent specie ever, live our lives on a daily basis without the sense of a positive purpose. If that is what intelligence means, my request to God – I would like to go back to being an Ape.