• Toyna,  Yog

    Some Jarlie is better than no Jarlie

    Yog and me achieved a new development milestone on a trip to the Supermarket, few days ago. We dedicate this milestone to Jarlie. This is how the story goes. Toyna, Yog and I love Jarlie. You may ask, “Who doesn’t?” but that is not the message of this story. Till date, whenever we go to a supermarket, we always pick two jars of Jarlie, to share between the three of us.  On this historic day, Toyna caught one jar and Yog another, all the way till the billing counters. The two jars were the first items to be billed to ensure that  we could start eating them while the rest…

  • Toyna

    Drama Skills

    Toynas school teacher told her today that she is very good in Drama. He also promised her a role in the next school drama show.I was surprised that one – it took them so long to observe this skill of hers (which I have been subject to for eternity) and two – how differently we reward a skill like Drama at school vs. at home.How I wish she didn’t have to practice Drama at home to really hone this skill!