• Thoughts and Quotes

    Father and Daughter

    Today, during my morning walk, I saw a father driving his teenage daughter to college. She sat upright holding the back of the motorcycle for support. In the rear view mirror, she adjusted her hair and checked her red lipstick. She would have been prettier without them, but then teenagers don’t really think like me anymore. Her eyes said she was ready to face her friends. They said she was planning to skip a few classes to catch up with the latest college news. She looked cool, confident and ready for her day. At the same time, I couldn’t help but notice the expressions on her fathers face. Even though…

  • My Love

    I had to leave your hand

    You nurtured me to grow You were my back bone till I couldn’t keep my head held high As I take the final push to stand on my own I have little choice but to push you away at the same time That is the law of¬†nature It is painful to be independent but it is more painful to pull you down with me

  • Yog

    Time Out Time

    Having been through terrible twos once already on my own, and having listened to numerous tales of terrible twos, one would expect that I would be completely prepared to handle Yog as he approaches that stage. Alas! I admit I am not at all prepared. Somehow, when I held in my arms for so many months, kissed him good night, twirled his little fingers in mine, I always considered him to be an angel sent straight from heaven to save me.¬† Deep down inside my heart, I always belived Yog would be different. He would not throw tantrums over food, not break things apart, not jump from chairs and above…